Black Girl In The City.

The Intro.
February 26, 2008, 10:25 pm
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Shall we begin? 

So.  This is my first post and I’ve been struggling with where to start!  The boring, put you the hell to sleep way would be to give you an intro on where I came from and what color my eyes were when I was born…blah. Honestly who gives a f$(@&?  I’ll just start somewhere in the middle and get it going from there.  Tidbits about me will serve as tasty treats to the dedicated readers that tune in daily to see the deal dilly. 

Why Black Girl In the City?

Well…the term is what it is.  I felt like a lot of women in Atlanta and other major cities could relate to the topics I’ll address and the often crazy ass stories I’ll tell.   I woke up one night to an episode of ‘Sex In The City’…the one where Miranda had Chlamydia, lol.  The first thing I thought was, “Man, that shit is SO real!  Gross but real!”  I think one of the reasons why the show has done so well, ultimately giving birth to a feature film, is because it told the absolute truth and addressed issues that everyday women experience.  The fabulous, the freaky and the fuggggged up!  Although I could relate to a lot of what the show had to offer, I tried to think of similar shows told from a black woman’s perspective with the same groundbreaking effect.  Girlfriends, nah.  I don’t think the show was real enough in a lot of ways.  Living Single, nah. Still too scripted and really didn’t get to the heart of issues that I and my own city girlfriends experience on an everyday basis.  People are starving for the truth in a world of smokescreens and mirrors, might as well be me to give it to you just the way I see it.  And there it is. 

One thing you can count on…

Is the absolute truth!  So much so that I’ve chosen to remain anonymous with this blog.   I have also chosen not to have my house set on fire, get my ass kicked, or have my life ultimately ruined because I wrote about something or someone here, lmao.  Funny things happen when people run head on into truth.  Like showing a cat its reflection, anything is bound to happen.  Remaining ghost also gives me the opportunity to say WTF I want to say, that I honestly wouldn’t say in fear of retaliation, hurting someone’s feelings or embarrassing someone.  Professional reasons could be thrown in there somewhere as well.  I’m not exactly famous, like everybody in Atlanta lol, but I’m not exactly unknown either.  Bottom line, I think about a lot of shit and rarely tell anyone other than myself.  Schizophrenic bitch!?  Call it as you please.  That said, you count on good storytelling in first person while satisfying your sick voyeuristic craving to watch the life of another unfold in live unscripted color.  I promise to keep you entertained. 


 This is not for the easily offended or non-life having sucker waiting to find something worth bitching about.  It’s my blog and I’ll be the only one doing the bitching, with the exception of some of my homie girls that have their own soliloquy’s to share.  Funky ass comments will not be approved, and if you have something to say take it to the head and email me directly:  – If your rant is grimy enough I’ll probably post it.  No haters here but everyone’s entitled to what they think, whether I agree with what you say or not.  

Send me shit.  If you’re a female (regardless of race or city) and would like to share sumthin, send it on sister!  Pictures are always cool too.  If it’s something extra dirty please don’t mention names and details and all that other stuff as I am not trying to be held liable for someone else’s drama.  I’d rather spend my weekday playing hookie and browsing boutiques, NOT sitting in a courtroom sweating bullets because of your dumb shit.  Just keep it simple and tell the story, not the person.  This is not ‘don’t date him’ or ‘fuck that bitch I work’.  It would help if you were a decent writer too.  I have so much going on in my life that I really don’t have time to revise and edit anybody’s shit.    


black girl.


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