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Shakin It Off
March 2, 2008, 7:58 pm
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 {Saba Seven.  Atlanta based model and one of the flyest poets I know.}

Yesterday’s post was so brash, brazen…but I had to get that out for real.  I have a tendency to ignore negative feelings because I don’t want to give life to them, my energy means the most to me and I try to protect it ya know?  The one thing I did realize however is that holding it in may just be worse.  As I re-read it I realized that I’d been through a lot of shit with dudes, and most of those negative experiences I chose to ignore, swept under the rug – where they only compiled and festered emerging as bitch rants and bouts of tantrums.  Gotta shake it off cuz at the end of the day it really isn’t that serious…  

L called me last night around 8:00p.  Her birthday’s Tuesday.  I was in the middle of watching the History channel on the couch that I barely have time to sit on listening to her voice on the other end of the line.  

“I wanna go out, I called and reserved us a booth at Pure.” 

 “Oh word?”  I replied thinking damn I don’t have a choice, it is my home girl’s birthday and I love her!  

 “Yea so get yo ass up, shake it off and come burn before we go,” she laughed.    

L knows me well.  She only needs to hear the tone of my voice to know how I feel, what I’m thinking.  An unspoken connection that’s lasted over the course of ten years.  That’s one thing I admire about her.  She’s so in tune with her own wisdom and the pitch of others, radiating beauty and love despite what’s going on in the world around her. I got my ass up and made me pretty, headed to her crib around midnight.  I walked right in and scared the holy bejeezies out of her, lol.  

“You almost made me drop it!” she screamed.  She was standing over her bar carefully crafting the party favor I mentioned earlier. 

 “Your locks are getting long,” I said touching the dirty blond, pencil sized neatness that hung to the middle of her back.  

 “You’re so lucky we’re peoples,” she smiled.  She never let anyone touch her hair besides her fiancé. 

 I stepped over the baby toys strewn around the living room and asked, “Where’s Lemmy?”  referring to her one and a half year old tiny tot.

 “At my moms.  Come on let’s take a shot,” she blurted as she sauntered around me to grab the Patron.  

“Happy Birthday skeezer!!!!” I squeeled skipping across the living room behind her and back into the kitchen.  I was happy to be out with my friend.  

We pulled up to Pure feeling kinda nice and headed to the front door.  I fumbled in my purse to make sure I had my I.D. and asked, “Where’s Mel and Shawna?”  referring to her brother and our other member of the get fresh crew.

 “Didn’t you hear me on the phone with her?  She was at Shout and drunk.  I told her to stay put cuz she wasn’t even making sense on the phone,” she laughed.  

“That’s Shawna for ya!”  I was checking my lips to make sure they were glossy and luscious enough when I realized that the place was crawling with some of the flyest white guys I’d seen in a while.  Damn. 

“Cool,” I mumbled as we trailed behind our VIP escort. The owner came by to say hello and of course I slipped him my card – mind on my money! Lol.  He was a cool dude though, sent us our first bottle which I figured would be our last because I was really feelin it.  We had a lot of fun.  Shawna eventually stumbled up to where we were and flopped down on the couch immediately pouring her a glass of Vu.  That’s when the party really got started!  I was certain she’d flash her tits before the end of the night.  Natasha and Amira graced in after that making our party crew complete.  It was a nice change from the norm.  No urbanesque, who’s flossin and who’s in the building shit.  Everybody just had a good ass time.  

So yea, I spoke to a few guys and ended up attracting a cutie.  I have a thing for men that are incredibly tall.  This one in particular was 6’3 and yes he was a brotha, lol.  I wanted to drool all over his chiseled chest but settled for nice convo (just a little cuz I hate talking over music).  He watched my lips as I talked and smiled wide.  Teeth perfect.  Put his hand on the small of my back and rocked a little bit, suggesting I rock with him.  I went along for the ride…  

Not too long after we bounced and went to Gold Rush leaving my sexy piece of hunk behind.  Gold Rush is a strip club, and that’s where L’s brother was.  We found him at the front bar with a naked chick straddled on his lap and I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.  He was having a good time, everybody was.    The last time I went to a strip club was with Ty, and that was a night turned awry – causing me to vow NEVER to go to another again.  But I was cool, chillin.  A white guy eventually moved his way over to my space and started to chat.  I swear I meet the oddest people in the oddest places.  We ended up having a cool conversation about a gang of shit and how things change as you get older.  We were the same age.  When he asked if I was alone I pointed to Shawna and Amira playing pool, Mel who had moved to a corner getting his freak on, and L choppin it up with the DJ that was obviously her friend.  It was his buddy’s birthday too.   

But soon the night was over and I was tired as shit.  But all in all I felt good and was glad I got out of the house and did something different for a change.  The dude I met earlier that night, you know the drool all over yo chest guy, called me around three am.  

“Just checking to see if you made it home safely,” he said.  

“Still on my way but almost there.  I’m so tired,” I yawned.  

“Be careful.  Where are you?” 

“Just passed N. Druid Hills.”  I fumbled around the with my free hand looking for the key card to my gate.  That’s how ready I was to be home.

 “Oh you just passed my exit.” 


“So,” he mimicked.  That was followed by a moment of silence.

 “Come over.  I wanna see you.”  His voice was smooth, soothing.  I could only imagine what it would feel like if he were saying that in my ear up close and personal. I laughed quitely because as much as I hate jumping to conclusions I knew it was coming.  

 “Nah I’m good, maybe we can hang out tomorrow,” I said. 

 “Oh tomorrow may not be good for me.  Lotsa stuff to do.  Carpe diem.”  

“Well the next day or next weekend, we have time.  I’m about to Carpe diem and hit my soft pillow that’s waiting for me,” I sighed. 

 “I’ve gotta nine to five baby, that may be hard,” he egged.  

“Me too, and I do a lot of other stuff.  I stay busy but I take time out to do leisurely stuff too.  You seem to be worth filling that pocket of time.  Coffee, lunch, dinner, you know…whatever.”

 “Oh well, ok then.  I guess I’ll see you when I see you.”  There was a stroke of disappointment in his voice.  

 “Sure.  Just let me know,” my smile was big.  I’m soooo beyond doing that kinda stuff.  I don’t need another notch on my belt for the sake of instant gratification.  

 “Aight.  Good night or morning should I say?” 

 “Mornin!”  I hung up. I was pulling up to my gate as the conversation ended.  I laughed to myself as I thought of the many times I’d heard the same lines.  Truly wasn’t interested.  I was pleased though that I was able to fulfill my wishes and meet new people and exercise my go-go gadget sexy on em!  I had accomplished what I set out to do for the evening…have fun with friends and shake it off in every sense of the word.  Fly shit.  

-black girl. 


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