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he doesn’t want me anymore…let’s make a toast!
April 14, 2008, 12:57 am
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So My ex has finally decided to move on.  Good for effing him!  Lol.  We were the best of friends with a strong history until true feelings got involved.  Its funny how people tend to be on their worse behavior when falling or being in love. Our weird thing was that we would jump the two extremes on a regular basis.  The energy got to be so toxic that I simply let go of the pieces I was trying to mend for him…I just dropped them on the floor and walked away…  I’m glad that after six months he’s finally been able to be my friend and accept the fact that we weren’t romantically meant to be.  My replacement?  Ha.  This chick is bangin.  23 years old with long golden legs, size 8 hips and set of dimples so cute that I threw up a little in my mouth every time she smiled.  We inadvertently crossed paths when I stopped by ole boy’s house to drop of a birthday present for his son.  She was pulling up and I was certainly pullin out of that peace until he yelled out of the garage for me to stay for a sec.  His strategy was for the purpose of me meeting her and giving my stamp of approval.  WTF man?  I was flattered but in the back of my mind couldn’t help but wonder if that was just his slick way of showing his beautiful new babe off to me.  Whatever ninja. :-\  When he told me he’d started sleeping with her I felt a sigh of relief believe it or not. The guilt belt had been lifted from my petite hips as I didn’t feel like a selfish liar anymore.  A sneaky gool that smiled and shushed off his advances claiming every excuse under the sun.   
I’m happy that he was able to let me go without letting go of the friendship in all its coolness.  But at the same time I was a little sad that I wouldn’t have him wooing over me anymore.  His willingness to love me after the fact was feeding me back everything I lost while dealing with him.  I blocked him off by being nonchalant while draining him of what I needed back.  Guess it could have only lasted so long.  

-black girl.


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I can always do without that constantly random but painfully convenient moment when you see someone you one cared about with their new “significant other”. Yuck.

Love the blog btw.

Comment by shay


Comment by blackgirlinthecity

Same situation… different city… knew him for since the age of 5 and cant help but love him all over the place. I’m not sure it will ever come to anything but what we have right now. It turns out all any of us have is right now… but damn it if I don’t want a little stability!


Comment by Eb

Been there with just a little more mess involved. Started as great friends, feelings moved in and so did selfishness and ole’unfaithful. We had such an amazing friendship that I wanted the relationship to work. I tolerated my share of hurt and 6 years later I left. Tables had turned upon my departure. He wanted be to stay sooo badly and I think in a twisted way I fed off of that. Here I am, so positive and sure and being just the opposite. His pain was my pleasure. Secretly, I wanted to have a friendship aftewards though, but i “my” time.

Well about 6 months later he contacted me and we’ve spoken periodically ever since. We are friends again. He calls me when he’s going through it with a female and I even sense change (for the better) in him. That was then….


I was introduced to a guy by my uncle during the break up months over the above story. Being my new postive self I laid down the law, “No love No Pain – No attachment No drama”. Well, we had what I call an “understadning” which I constantly refreshed, you know the old “don’t get it twisted”. Well, about 9 months in the excitement was dull and I ended it. Guess what happened…he lost his damn mind that’s what. He went from calling me all types of whores and slores to beggin and crying….guess what we’re friends now…lol (I don’t know what it is about me)


Ran into a guy about 9 weeks ago and I wasn’t pressed. We bagan to catch up and talk often. We dated in our younger 20’s so we weren’t that unfamiliar. Anyway, almost instantly I was attracted not only to him but to his ambition, stability and drive. Things were going great and now I’m not to sure I feel like I’m chasing. A little chasing is cool but, shoot I’d rather be

Anyway, he says to me he doesn’t feel like my priority. He’s became a bit stand off’ish. So now I’m stuck between letting the situation go and wanted it to blossom. Yes, I’m the same positive chic that got her swag back two stories ago, but I must admit this one is pinching a little bit.

Comment by Simplicity

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