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finding some fun :-)
April 15, 2008, 1:37 am
Filed under: foolin' round

So my new life coach says I need to find ways to incorporate fun into my everyday life. She’s dumb because if she lived a day in my shoes she’d be giving me my money back, on some “oh you’re remarkable you don’t need me” type ish. Lol. My fun lies in sick humor and weird quirks that I share with my even weirder circle of friends. But eh…I took her advice anyway and looked to my little fun expert for ideas…when in doubt, ask a kid.

Anybody remember paper dolls? All of my girly girls certainly do! I played with paper dolls more than Barbie’s because you could tuck them away in your bible and play with them during church, lol. As an adult, my idea of relaxing would be buying the fattest fashion mags and catalogs, flipping the pages and clipping my wardrobe. I’d glue them on pages with like groups to practice making outfits. See?

All of this came from me being a plane Jane and not much into fashion coming up. But as I began working more in my profession I had to eventually grasp the idea that people don’t give a shyt about what your talents are or how good of a person you are first’…and you only have one time to make a ‘first’ impression. That’s when I started teaching myself how to look fashionable (and I’m still not all the way there yet!) and attract the type of people I wanted to. Every now and then I’ll browse through them to see if one of my visions subconsciously manifested, and most times the case is true. So now I know exactly what to do when I hear about the newest of the new fashion must haves…

Anyhow…I’ve managed to do very little work tonight with the exception of a plate of spaghetti, a few emails and phone calls tossed with a little bit of family time. Why little work? Because your girl was STUCK playing paper dolls online, lol. The screen caps below don’t even capture HALF of the damage I did in the course of two hours but hopefully it entices you to get online and find some fun! Ciara says have some fun mang!

Stardoll dot com ( is a digital version of paper dolls to the millionth power! I’m not sure if I was geeked more to be able to see any celebrity you can think of in their underwear, or the full mall stocked high with everything from Marc Jacobs to Sephora. You can also build your own doll from the eye color to the skin tone, and design your own closet/dressing room. Buy *starpoints* with your credit card (Like 5 bucks to get started). You use those points to buy clothes, accessories, furniture, shoes, and some other crazy stuff. And then you play! As if a girl’s dream weren’t complete enough, you can sell the clothes that you’re tired of to other members in the community. The clothing selection for these dolls are crap but they’ve got a gang of fly digs. Myspace who?

-black girl.


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That site most CERTAINLY looks like some adult FUN! Now I just have to figure out how to add THAT into my day at work, all the while NOT working and perusing blogs and playing on ThisNext!

Comment by *B* Fab

OMG that site looks like fun, I used to love paperdolls, I think I still have some of my favorties. I still collect barbies that are collectables like Kimora’s barbie and the target anniverary one, Queen Cleopatra…etc

Comment by Miss April Joy

Hey girl!!!
I am blaming you for my new found addiction to STARDOLL.COM… it’s so much fun, time goes by so quick when you’re caught up playing with Stardolls… and etc. It’s really fun… I think you should post your stardoll name so we [we as in I] can see the kind of theme you got going on in your room.

Comment by Msz. Shawnie

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