Black Girl In The City.

as the saying goes…
April 15, 2008, 1:08 am
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I’d spent most of my Saturday working on projects, taking advantage of the free time and running it into the ground as much as I could before the week beat me to it.  I worked well after midnight and ate probably 20 of those little laffy taffy things just to crank out my yank..  I got things done, but eventually that late night kicked off an early morning sun that I couldn’t say no to.  I’d fell asleep on the couch…again.  I don’t even watch TV honestly, it more or so watches me until I manage to ease my lids closed.  


My eyes popped open to something on Sci-Fi that I really didn’t care about because my tummy was so hungry.  Decided to head out to Waffle House and get something nice and fatty since it’d been a minute.   It wasn’t too crowded so I estimated my wait not being too long.  The sun poured into the windows and bathed everything in its path.  I traced the rays with my eyes around the room…baby reaching for bacon she dropped on the floor, old man reading a paper and sipping coffee, Marcus (name changed)…say who who what!!?


Marcus.  I was thinking, Wow it’s been over a year and he still looks like a loser.   That wasn’t the shocker though.  The f**** up element to it all was the chick sitting next to him.  Kim (name changed).  I kinda froze there in my baggy sweatpants, hoodie and dark sunglasses.  Even though I thought I was incognegra Kim caught my stare and had the nerve to effing wave.  It took everything I had not to take one of the forks on the counter and toss it at her for being on some uneccessary sly shyt!  I didn’t care anything about  Marcus and she knew it.  I never put a man before a friend, ever.  Men come and go but friends are an investment…at least that’s what I thought!


Marcus and I dated for a few months, and he was often the sponsor of me and my friends when we wanted to do things.  That’s how he and Kim knew each other.  Apparently while I was grooving it down in the VIP we’d bought for ‘her’ birthday, they were slobbing each other down behind my damn back! Lol  Freaks.


Going from seeing them at breakfast together (at 7:30 on a Sun. Morn btw.) to assuming they’re butt buddies may be extreme but I wish you could have seen the look on Kim’s face when she saw me.   Her big brown eyes were like saucers, and I thought I saw a glimmer of wetness at the corners of her lips as they parted slightly ready to say hello.  I was thinking she should check her panties the first chance she got cause I’m certain homegirl soiled her shorts when she recognized my early morning swag :-).  She tapped Marcus’ shoulder and he glanced up while still tinkering with one those gadgets we’d shared the bed with on many a nights.  As soon as he saw me he nearly jumped over Kim in thier booth to make it out to me.  Too late!   I had already two stepped my kicks in reverse and  waved, “Good to see you!” backing my hungry azz right back out of the door. 

I’m so on this good energy trip right now that I have to run at the onset of danger like my life depended on it. Guess that explains Kim’s mysterious disappearance shortly after I kicked Marcus to the curb.  I should have known how she rocked though.  Marcus wasn’t exactly broke nor stingy.  He just had a horrible breath problem that he ignored despite the numerous dental appointments I’d make and he’d subsequently cancel.  Gag gag puke!  And the bee bee’s on his chest bugged they shyt out of me.  Nevertheless she should be outwardly shamed for picking up my scraps but we all know, and as the saying goes…. trust no _______. 


 I need to get my hair done.  Seriously.


-black girl.




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