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April 25, 2008, 2:53 pm
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photography by christina myers

photography by christina myers


So they got me in the spirit to celebrate my b-day today.  I had a feeling I would do this, lol…decide at the last minute that my birthday would be better spent in a semi-drunken stupor with friends vs. sitting at the crib doing nothing.  I was so surprised last night when one of my clients kicked off our meeting with a birthday cake and balloons!  They sang happy birthday to me.  Although I hate being the center of attention it made me smile, thank you guys.  That really meant a lot. J


Did an impromptu visit to Stats (sports bar on Marietta Street) with Pippi and Brian for Mojitos on the rooftop.  The view was hot.  I’m a Patron and Kettle One or Goose snob thus me being the last Mohichan to try a Mojito.  Pretty tasty!  I had like three, lol.  We had a good time just chillin and choppin the shyt.  After that it was a quick run to Brady street before heading home.  Believe it or not I did some work!  The one thing I’ve learned about my line of work is that clients don’t give a flip about your birthday or personal life when they want their projects completed.  The grind never stops and continues to get heavier. 


Tonight it’s going down.  I spent about an hour texting all of my friends this morning – letting them know that it’s about to pop off for a good cause!  Might as well celebrate the fact that I MADE IT to 30 in good health and sound mind.  Someone told me that this is actually where the fun begins.  Guess that means I gotta do what it do.  Hmm, what to wear?  It’s my f$#&@* birthday!


Que theme song.  Haha, yea.


*Almost forgot to shout out my girl nadia for getting a feature in this video! yet another black girl in the city doing it how she wants to. 🙂

-black girl.


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Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my Birthday! I dig your blog. Enjoy your birthday! =)

Comment by smart0nez

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MuzikHand The A&R

Comment by Muzikhand The A&R

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a good one and didn’t get too drunk. lol
That was sweet what your clients did for you. I know how it feels because my friends are good for stuff like that!

Thanks for the love on my blog btw 😉

Comment by Shanice

yeh know its late but happy bday…yo that post the relly long 1 was real dope.. most definately inspiring!!!!!woohoo nice to see people being truthful

Comment by Desiree

happy belated b day!!!!! i know you enjoyed it no need to ask!! its always good to do it big on your b days especially if its with a handsome beau:) i like to think of myself as a voyeur and an exhibitionists!!!!! but 30 aint bad at all, now its just a time when you realize you REALLY have to get your grown woman on!! although from some of your blog entries, your already getting it!!!! love ya bgitc:)

Comment by ms key

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! special day indeed. now back to the grizzly grind! yes.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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