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April 28, 2008, 2:16 am
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I chose the silk above the knee dress.  The Vegas winner that made my legs look like a million bucks.  My pumps where fuchsia, to bring out the hints of it in the dress. 


I debated on whether or not to mention the spot where we began our festivities because it so fly and in the cut, I know that once people catch on it won’t be so exclusive anymore.  The owners served us, some guys from London that I hope to do business with in the future. Until then, the spot stays a secret (but I take bribes).  B took me there a while back and I fell in love.  I’m not sure if it was the time and talk we had or the place itself.  I just knew I liked the ambiance and energy at that moment in time.  I hadn’t been back since because he mentioned that he went there a lot, and I didn’t want it to seem like I wanted to be there hoping to run into him.  I needed to keep my distance as much as possible for my own reasons, and he needed his space.  Besides, he knows exactly how to find me.  Now truly one of my best friends.


I was elated to see and grab the fly window seat to wait for my peoples.  Took a minute to reflect, ordered a drink.  I watched the motion outside of the window where they had a few tables and chairs. Candle light flickered on the small round tables to my right.  I’d made it to 30.  In one piece and on time.  I thought about the many lessons I’d took in along the way and the pain of the past that I was nearly done shedding.  I was confident and independent, I felt beautiful on the inside and sexy on the outside.  I smelled good and was finally the me that was intended to be.  It felt good.






Kimora got there first followed by B, L some of ‘the family’, Jess and D.  We went through one or two (can’t remember lol) bottles of Riesling hummus and lamb skewers.  After my second glass of wine I was a little bit more talkative then usual…”Yep she’s about to punch in (our out, can’t remember, lol!),” they laughed.  Speaking of me being on the brink of buzzieness, I think we were all enjoying the festivities.  Good times.


We initially planned to go to an underground dance spot and get it in but the crew verdict turned out to be Geisha House.  I was kinda sad because people showed up at the other spot looking for me and I wasn’t there!  L  Bella made it but couldn’t find me once she got into the spot.  She was supposed to be my date but oh well; I had L to keep me company!  The event was partly done by one of mentees.  I call her Barbie doll because she really does look like one of those cute Asian collector Barbie’s.  Even though the event was new and had growing to do, I was very proud of her for taking that first step.  It felt kinda good to give guidance and see people trust and act on it.  I felt like I made a difference in a young woman’s life.  She’s gotten that first taste of success now so I know she’ll only grow up from here.


So the Geisha House is where it got interesting. I heard I was too sexy for myself but still on good behavior.  Got a little closer than I maybe should but in that moment, it was what it was and it felt damned good!  Haha I’m not sure how many bottles of Riesling we’d consumed but I only remember bits and pieces past a certain point! Lol.  The last I remember was dancing with B, Pippi, L and D on the dance floor and that was it!  I was told by witnesses the next day that I had a fly time and didn’t do anything too crazy, aside from peeing on the side of a building?!  LMAO I still don’t believe that but whatever.   The final question would be did I get laid on my birthday and if so, what handsome beau was it?  I’ll never tell hmm.  I was just a little naughty but I promise the Riesling made me do it!!  It was definitely birthday to remember and I’m glad I spent it with the people that cared about me most.  Good times, good times.  The part two crew just summoned me as I was finishing up so I guess I’m on my way to 300 with Ty, Reno and Bella.  I guess there’ll be a part duex.


I’m beginning to think we’re exhibitionists.  That’s hot.



-black girl.


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Just found your blog tonight….officially on addict mode! LOL…you’re so raw! Happy Birthday! Keep the entries coming!

Comment by Coffee

I saw you that night. You were definitely having the time of your life…tisk tisk.

Comment by Method to the Happiness

Hope u enjoyed your big day!!!!!!!! sounds like you did! its always good to be a little naughty on your b-day especially if it with a handsome beau:) i like to think of my self personally as a voyeur but to each its own, right? love your blogs keep em coming, you got a “fan” for life:)

Comment by ms key

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