Black Girl In The City.

“black girl, you so weird.”
April 29, 2008, 3:16 am
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artwork by Sarah Torres

Sometimes I think I’m abnormal…until I remember that we are all a little OFF in some sort of way. Lol.  It wasn’t until the past year or so that I fully embraced my weirdom and began to speak and express me vs. what others wanted to hear.  This blog represents probably about 25% of the shyt I think about everyday, off the wall crazy stuff that would probably scare the shyt out of the average person.  A creative being’s mind goes deep and complex.  Enter at your own risk.  Believe it or not my complexity often scares a lot of men away.  I won’t lie, I used to dumb down just to have someone around to keep me company.  Eventually I said forget it.  This is silly and I gotta be myself even if that means being by myself!  Thank goodness for my friends, the true one’s that I can be myself around.  They know I’m a little off, but then again so are they. 


I remember talking to a guy about how we all should be elevating ourselves in order to reach our full potential…blah blah.  He looked at me and said, “You’re weird.”  I said, “No you’re stupid.  Weird is just a term that people use for something they can’t comprehend or understand.  Don’t call me names because you can’t catch up.”   Calling names isn’t nice, but hey he started it!  Of course he poked out his lip, scurried away from our date and I never heard from him again.  It wasn’t until he was walking away that I realized he had a high booty like a girl.  What a freak. Ugh.  There’s more to me than my B cup tits.  I wish somebody would get it.



I often feel that creative expression and introspective thought communicated through various mediums to the ‘generals’ is pointless.  Then I’m reminded that it’s there to share, and one of the key ways I’ve learned to connect with others and perhaps shed some light…or get some for myself.


 Oh, and that tree sloth in the illustration is actually me.  Chillin in the cut. Ha.


-black girl.


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i feel ya!! just becuz they cant relate or understand where were coming from, than were not normal. But who wants to be? just plain BORING, if you ask me, but whatever floats ya lil tug boat right? keep STROKIN’!!!!!!!!!

Comment by ms key


Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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