Black Girl In The City.

pleasantly surprised.
May 1, 2008, 4:57 am
Filed under: Reflections of a Black Girl


So, it’s the first of May and I can’t believe I’ve kept up with my writing for this long!  I started my little corner of the world on Feb 26, 2008 in hopes of giving something back to myself while sharing with whoever else cared to read.  I’ve only been doing the blogging thing for about two months, and honestly I didn’t expect it to be much to anyone else but me.  But, Wanna hear something fabulous?  As of April 26 (my two month mark), I’ve had 10,255 readers.  Thanks for all of the wonderful notes and support from everyone, and to my fellow bloggers that embraced my sexy and wrote about my work on thier own merit.   More importantly though…thank you to everyone for diggin my work and proving that there’s more to a black woman than meets the eye, and what you find on the inside could be an interesting and pleasant surprise.


Also, thank you to my inspiration and number one supporter that encouraged me to begin this project.  You know who you are and how much our creative & intellectual exchanges mean to me…weirdo.  🙂


Men, black women really are hot shyt beyond the hips and tits.  Just keep diggin and you might be enlightened.


-black girl.


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I can believe it!!! your blog is very intersteting and real… you should hear me @ work telling all the women to go to your blog and read it. they ask if i knew you the way i comment on the things you say. but i just let them know not personally but i can relate to a lot of the shyt:) you talk about, especially being a black girl in the city of atlanta tryna make it!!!! keep it coming, love ya!!!!!!!

Comment by ms key

hey girl, i found your site through a few days ago and i must say that i definitely dig your gift of expression through your writing. i’m about to turn 25 and living in the crazy pretentious town of los angeles and i feeeeeel ya on so many levels about the struggles we have to get through to find our place in the masses. i want you to know that your words can be very empowering and to keep doin your thang ma. i had to take a few min. out to say big ups to your work. stay classy and sassy. much respect and love, sha

Comment by sha

Keep it coming!

Comment by Coffee

well said.

Comment by Ray

:-)))))))) (geeked)

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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