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weekend review part 1: a sunday snippet.
May 5, 2008, 11:25 pm
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Sunday wasn’t the chill day I thought it would be. I’d spent most of my morning jerking around with some work for a client. I say jerking because it was taking way too long to complete a task that should have taken no more than an hour! Try 3 hours to debug one little glitch and still not have the end result turn out exactly how you want it. Talk about annoyed, lol. I let the nuance go though, gotta get outta of that whole perfectionist thing.

After that ordeal I decided that it wouldn’t be cool to spend such a nice day working in my panties, head scarf and a t-shirt so I cleaned up for a day out with my girls. So happen Pippi and her beau called me as I was gearing up…

“Hey where is Mitzi & Romano’s?” It was her beau, obviously the driver, looking for directions to what was evidently Pippi’s boutique of choice for the day.

“Uh, in the highlands. North Highland Ave.,” I said fumbling for the nivea.

I could hear Pippi chattering in the background about the baby’s stroller and where to park. I could tell she was really diggin this guy because aside from the fact that they spent time together heavy, he had a small ‘adorable’ baby girl. Pippi doesn’t do baby’s or strollers so I know…lol.

She grabbed the phone. “We don’t see it. I think it’s further down,” she said.

“Oh well, I probably need to come up there instead of Nordstrom’s,” I said looking for a valid reason to avoid the store I’d spent 2 hours in the day before, and an hour in the day before that, lol.

“Shallie’s taking me to the concert tonight,” I was toweling off and mentally cataloguing my Sunday chillax outfit. A blue wrap dress and sandals.

“Well come up here,” she said.

“Cool. I’ll be there in a minute.”

A minute turned out to be a while, as traffic was hellacious going toward our destination. We eventually made it via back roads and I assumed they were long gone since I’d been held up. The girls ended up helping me pick out a dress from Bill Hallman and we called it a wrap. For their good efforts and great taste in fashion, I took them to Ben & Jerry’s around the corner for ice cream. Then we headed off for lunch and to get their nails done. I wanted to make sure I gave them a good day since I’d be tracing out later that night to go see Kanye, NERD, Lupe and Rhianna….while they whirled away to the movies with Pippi.

If you know me, you know I have an issue with time some days so you could only imagine ME having to wait on someone else to get ready! Lol. When I got to the spot this fool was STILL getting dressed and couldn’t decide what to wear. I ended up making the final choice and before long we were on our way.

There, I saw a few people and business associates. I was kinda quiet and low key though so I didn’t really speak unless spoken to, not to mention I was a little ‘blazed’ lol. Atl’s finest was out, stuntin on em, though! LOL We were maybe 3 or 4 rows from the front, which was a surprise because Shallie mentioned he was only able to get nosebleeds since it was last minute. I was like, “Cool, I don’t care. So long as we go and have fun.” What a liar. But it was a good lie so I won’t complain!

The concert was really on some futuristic, space travel, Dragonball Z type stuff. We missed Nerd because I was trying to stuff my face before going inside, lol. The build out of Kanye’s stage was made like the surface of another planet, and the overall theme was that he had crash landed on somewhere unknown in the universe and was trying to get home. Lots of deep philosophical messages in his set that I bet a lot of people missed. But then again, I was still kinda blazed. LOL! The whole concept sounds trippy I know, but I promise it was pleasantly innovative and different. He did all of his dope tracks and actually went hard! Spazzin out on the stage and giving it 120% effort. Kanye is definitely a creator after my own heart. His boldness and authority to go for his and speak up whether right or wrong is something I admire and am working toward doing more of. I took some pictures with the funky digital camera I despise, and my blackberry which seemed to snap better flicks than the camera! I am SO counting down the days until I get my Nikon D-40. I’ll be the happiest black girl ever. Anywho, here are a few to give you a taste of the experience.

That’s Lupe…

Blackberry Flicks…

So, even though I didn’t get the good editoral quality photos I wanted, Shallie definitely copped mad cool points for this one…and the throwback Nerd CD was on icing on the cake! Black girl gives Kanye an A+ for the show and an A++ for the DOPE azz kicks he donned on stage.

And now back to the grind. Lotsa shyt to do this week.



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Nice words. Came across your blog when I tagged Atlanta. Never been down there so i wanted to check out what it was all about. Kanye is someone who has grown on me over the years. I’m really old school so it take ALOT to make me step back and give props, but the Man works for his, so you’ve got to give it to him.

You write well. Hope you don’t mind me dropping it. I’m looking get a few readers down south on my Blog – some stories about Harlem and the such.


Comment by stalherz

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