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it’s about that time pimpin.
May 7, 2008, 12:17 pm
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Every now and then we get caught up in the superfluous layers of ‘stuff’ that seem to pile up our world ultimately consuming life and the enjoyment it can provide.  If you are not careful it’ll snatch you off your game, toss you on the floor and spit in your face with a smile. 


I was thinking today, I got some peeling to do.  One of the reasons I think I feel so bogged at times is because I’ve deviated from my basic principals and goals.  Impulsive motifs and the need to fulfill personal pleasures and wants have played a part too.  But I think the main thing is my annoying habit of fully absorbing the things I come in contact with, which can be dangerous.  I take on things I shouldn’t, or say yes to things I don’t want to…and perhaps even do a little low balling of self for whatever reason. 


I burned my finger making dinner tonight.  It pissed me off so bad that it created a spiral of funky foul in my house.  I was bitching about nothing and everything for no reason! Lol That one little incident took me in a totally different direction that I wanted to go.  That said, I gotta remain aware of those small things that disguise themselves as nuances, but in actuality serve the sole purpose of phukin up yer $hit!!  We typically keep our eyes peeled for the big things that occur, the obvious and flamboyantly presentable while the real culprits slip by and latch on like leaches sucking every sense of direction you had.  They make you forget.


Jokes on me!!! Haha black girl.   I almost freaking forgot what the hell I’m doing and why I’m doing it and what it means to me by doing it.  I don’t know where this philosophical thought came from, I just know that its time to get back to basics and back on my shyt.  Not saying I’ve fallen off totally, just saying that I can see the great disaster in the horizon.   I know well enough to head off at the pass and double dutch in the opposite direction throwing the deuces.  Paaayyyyce.


In order to be the complete 360 me, I’m gonna have to get back to basics and remind myself of what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with myself.  Gonna have to peel back some burdens, forget about the water under the bridge and just cross that shyt.   


I. Will. Not. Fall. Off.


-black girl.


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Your photo choices are immaculate…keep shinin

Comment by Method to the Happiness

🙂 Yea I knew you would like that! lol

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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