Black Girl In The City.

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May 13, 2008, 10:21 pm
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He said: How do you share a diva with the rest of the world?

She said: What are you talking about?

He said: You’re so popular everybody wants a piece of you…self included…

She said: Hmmm what makes you think I’m so popular?

He said: Because you are…You are so captain of the glam squad. What are you doing today/tonight?

She said: Just workin a little. What you got in mind?

He said: Best of Jodeci, track four.

She said: Uh I don’t have that album! What song is that?

He said: That’s aight I got you covered…green and wine. What time will you be free?

Relax and take notes.

-black girl.

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Track 4-“I’m Still Waiting”…get at him,girl!!!!!!

Comment by Lanai

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