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May 15, 2008, 10:26 am
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*art by travis steam* 

This work of art has absolutely nothing to do with this post, which is one of pure randomness.  Something to get my creative juices flowing before I begin a night’s work.  I’ve realized that I crave everything artistic.  As I’m pumping Mary J’s greatest hits in my headphones I’m thinking, damn…I can’t live without music.  I keep this blog to satisfy my craving to write and grow as a person.  I realized that I’ve somehow always managed to incorporate creativity into whatever I’m doing.  Even in my analytical job I’ve always managed to find some crazy way to express myself while maintaing the reg.   Well I guess this post has found it’s purpose lol.  Creativity keeps me free (as illustrated above).


I was doing a little reading today and found this excerpt that I thought was pretty interesting.  Something to think about:

 What distinguishes a suggestion from other kinds of psychical influence, such as a command or the giving of a piece of information or instruction, is that in the case of a suggestion an idea is aroused in another person’s brain which is not examined in regard to its origin but is accepted just as though it had arisen spontaneously in that brain.”    -Sigmund Freud 


Yea I know right?  I had to read it over like three times to actually get it! Lol.  But once you do, you’ll understand one of the key principals upon which the world operates.


Got a little deep on you huh? 🙂


-black girl.





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