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PENIS!? Dayum.
June 7, 2008, 3:57 am
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This is really off the chain. I’m not really into male pornography or pics but dayum! Some of these yonkers look a little too “enhanced” for my juice box taste. So long as the stroke is right I…well, never mind. LOL

I think penis is an ugly word. PEEEENUUUSSSS. Not sexy. Cock is no better. When I was younger I just used to say ‘thing’ but that wasn’t effective. Now in my more mature and fabulously penis choosy years, we pretty much just say ‘dick’. Ha ha. Fellas, you best believe that if your girl has a nick name for your janglang monster, every last one of her squad members know how you get down (and are probably secretly wondering how they can get it in). I personally can’t own the book, niether on my coffee table, nor in private. Can’t risk virgin eyes beholding such greatness, lol. On the real though, when I was about 10 and living in DC, I was playing outside and found a torn out Magazine picture of a penis. It was next to some bushes…I remember picking up the paper, dusting it off and putting it in my pocket for safe keeping. The rest was history! Sometimes I wonder how my life would be if I’d never found that picture…

Although interesting, I don’t think I can sit there and flip through a gang of penis pictures without gagging before getting to the end. Isn’t that penis overkill? When I see my stroke master I want to get excited and happy! Not, “Awe n*** please. I saw a jone bigger than that in this ole book over here! Imma need you to get your weight up and holla back at me shun.” Just ruinin shyt. lol But hey, some of you are probably off the chain wit it so this might just be for you. *gag* Too much penis in one sitting makes your stomach hurt. 😦 Watch the video at your own risk.

I’m good on that (unless it’s Black) haha.

-black girl.


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WOW!!!! That Video is OFF THE CHAIN…definitely overkill!!! And I never knew about the picture in your pocket…lol…classic!!

Comment by ~Sasha

too much of anything will make you throw up in your mouth! arah!

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

BWAHAHAHA… wonder what your life would’a been like had you NOT been a perverted little girl picking up (and storing) dick pics??? hahaha.

well, personally–I prefer no bigger than a 6 incher. anything bigger is too big for my taste. So I can safely buy this book (which I am TODAY) and not have it ruin a damn thang! Dont get it twisted…I do enjoy looking at King Kong, I just dont want him in my bed.


Comment by Ray

Whoaaaa yeah that was penis overkill just watching half of that video! Haha.

Comment by Katlin

Oops, incorrect web addy in my previous post! 🙂

Comment by Katlin

I wonder how many people will add it to their cart just to see.

Comment by LaTonya Bynum

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