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July 8, 2008, 12:06 pm
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This is the kinda stuff that irritates me about my people. When one of us works our asses off to make it, there’s always some bird flying in the rafters trying to attach themselves to the climax without ever having to do so much as offer a glass of water to the person on the grind. It’s laziness. Just as one man has worked hella hard to get to where he is you can do the same exact thing with your own theoretic formula and plan. Man up!

Over and over I hear about this in the entertainment industry and even in the personal lives of family and friends. When you get on, pookie, ray ray, shawn shawn and that girl in high school that you never knew for real for real is tryna get on! Lol. And as you guess there is no exception in politics my friend.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

DeKalb County (Georgia) CEO and U.S. Senate candidate Vernon Jones has mailed “thousands” of flyers across the state bearing an image of himself and Obama holding microphones in front of a campaign crowd with the headline: “Yes We Can!”

At first glance, it appears the two men are at the same campaign event. But they are not. The photo of Jones was digitally joined with one of Obama. Jones acknowledged that his campaign combined the photos, but said he wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. His Democratic opponents immediately accused him of implying he has been endorsed by Obama, an idea quickly shot down by Obama’s campaign.

“The Obama campaign was not involved with the use the Senator Obama’s picture in this mailer, and despite what this mailer inaccurately suggests, Senator Obama will not endorse a candidate in the U.S. Senate primary in Georgia,” said Amy Brundage, a Chicago-based Obama spokeswoman. She declined further comment.

“Absolutely not,” Jones said in a telephone interview Thursday afternoon. “What it does say is that Obama and I share a vision for a new America.” He added: “Obama and I represent the future of Georgia and America. We want to balance the budget, create jobs, provide affordable and accessible health care and prevent folks from losing their homes.”

He tells all over himself here…

“I just put a face with a name,” Jones said of his Obama mailer. “I hope every other Georgia will vote for him and support him and be a part of a change in Washington.” That translates into vote for your fellow brown brown too bytches!

“People are already asking me to sign it for them so they can put it up on their refrigerators,” he said. “It’s becoming a keepsake piece.” Dumbie.

Wait. Did I mention he was a republican? Haha. Just because your skin is brown doesn’t mean we’re down. Barak wasn’t hearing it but leave it to the good ole white boys that don’t even hold a position in government to call it out.

“Vernon is not going to be able to erase the fact that he is a Republican and voted George W. Bush twice, I think the people of Georgia will see through this and see that Vernon is a Republican in sheep’s clothing.” -Reporter

“This is a gross abuse and misuse of our Barack Obama’s wonderful success in Georgia,” Knight said. “Instead of running on his own meager record as a legislator, and instead of bringing new ideas to the people, Mr. Jones is using a doctored photo to ride on the coat-tails of our party’s presidential nominee, a great leader who will change our country for the better, but who has not endorsed anyone in our Senate primary.” – Atlanta Business Man

One last note: did anyone else notice how ‘tacky’ the flyer was done as well? Like…how are you gonna run for another term and send out mailers that look like they were done on Microsoft Paint? Mark Star Graphics coulda hooked you up for the low low. Where’s your BUDGET?

If you’re playing the politics, influence and power game I’m gonna need you to be smarter than that and fire whoever your marketing director or publicist would be. Neither one of them shoulda let that shit fly under any circumstance. You already know they are sitting around waiting for a dude mess up and here you go with this shyt.

That move was way too obvious. Go get your shine box and clean it up. Funny…Barack is chillin about 6 minutes from my crib as we speak. I’m just not paying $2,300 – $10,000 to be in the same room.

-black girl.


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Girl I didn’t know about all that. Frank Ski was on the radio yesterday morning saying that this flyer was the grand hustle. I though it was a bit bold of him to do that but I didn’t know that Vernon was a Republican. I am glad that Barack’s people let the truth be know. I love your blog by the way.

Comment by Allie of Foolishness Personified

lol this is funny bc my sis (this AM) was venting and expressing her “FUCK YOU” list out loud in the car during traffic..and we were beside a MARTA bus with Vernon’s pic on it…and she yelled “AND FUCK VERNON JONES!!!”

and when i see stuff like this…this is where i just slang the N word around, hmph.

like mentioned, instead of us helping eachother out…we’re trying to out do eachother’s shine. i know there’s no such thing as originality…but damn Verny must you be so kind…


Comment by strangefruit

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