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low key is the new cool.
July 20, 2008, 4:04 am
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My Friday was just as any other, with the exception of me waking up ‘on time’ for a change. Perhaps my motivation came from the fact that it actually was a Friday and my day to look forward to two days of what I promised myself would be all leisure, low key…slow motion style.

This summer has been a long one, a fun one despite the great blow up that attempted to undo the good times toward the end. But everything happens for a reason, and ok, I get it. My circle of friends can never be as big as my heart and I better get used to getting used to myself like…on the real. So I’ve skipped the nightlife scene, have taken somewhat of a break from the personal endeavors for the next few weeks and I’ve gotten back to myself. I’m not quite sure exactly what it is but I just don’t have the desire to do the same things I even enjoyed doing at the beginning of this year. Guess that’s what you call growing up.

So instead of spending my Friday afternoon browsing my favorite boutiques for something hot to strut later that night I met up with B at Piedmont for a breezy ride on the back of his scooter. It wasn’t until I actually rode on the back and felt the wind in my hair and ears myself that I understood why it was, on some days, his only escape. We didn’t talk much. Just enjoyed the ride.

After we parted ways I wondered over to the highlands and copped a bar seat at Après Diem. It was such a pretty day that I moved myself, my glass of Semillon Gewurtz and hummus outside to the perfect patio seat. I’m so used to running fast, pushing hard, and working my ass off that it felt awkward just sitting there alone, eating, sipping and doing nothing. I watched my blackberry on the table buzzing and played a game to see how long I could go without picking it up to look at it. Eventually I just stuffed it in my purse dismissing its significance.

I kinda like giving myself permission to take a break and do nothing. Watching the world go and move around me undetected is something I need to do more often. Seems to be a lot more therapeutic than going to the club, getting high and wasted, and hopefully getting my back banged out at the end of the night. Who needs that? I’m so grown and this new shyt I’m on is so fly! Heck yea…low key is definitely the new cool.

I love me.

-black girl.


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LOVE THIS POST!!!!! I totally agree with you on taking time to just relax and be alone rather than be hyper surrounded by 30 other people who are just as hyper. Hope you enjoy much peace this weekend!!!!

Comment by Alexis

i am loving this new transition with you! it makes me wanna slow down a bit! lol…

i am happy for you though…theres nothing like spending quality time with yourself =]

Comment by Ms. Jada

You are a wonderful person…stay beautiful. Life will bring us all its splendor.

Comment by The Missionary

You do you. If one day you want to Live Laugh Love and the next day hibernate go for it. You have to do for yourself like you would do in any relationship. Some days you give yourself 100% of you and others you will cheat yourself and give it 10%. Just dont have any regrets. NEVER REGRET. Life is yours to live and from reading your blog you are living loving laughing everyday. LOL. I luv it. (I have a mc and its my greatest joy besides my children get off the back and take control and ride)

Comment by Detour

sometimes you have to relax and give yourself a day or two to do completely every and anything you want without distraction or things you don’t want to do. sounds like you had a wonderful day though

Comment by Miss April Joy

i was just thinking, last night how I need to put aside the bullshit and get back to life seems to be spinning out of control with the clubbing and drinking and wanting to be loved by someone who doesn’t even eserve me, when the problem is I need to start loving myself. it’s nice to know that I am not alone in the “struggle” thanks..

Comment by dani_b

I am so with you..I did same on friday..didnt go clubbin..took a ferry ride..went to ikea..came home..and went to the beach in the am the next def w u on the low key stuff 🙂

Comment by gigi

Black Girl- im feeling you on that definitely because im going thru the same effin transition- It is calm and it is clear- eff the clubs and the pretentious crap -do u right now -I been on a hiatus here in new york from the same bs scene and chase of a lifestyle and ive been happier regardless of the slack im getting on the ends of my black berry messenger. Sometimes we women gotta say eff it and just fall back-and its a beautiful thing-puts a lot into perspective and can even be therapeutic.

Comment by Miss Underst00d

lol the reason i read the blog was cause my friend said it sounded like me. I used to be out all the time. with different sets of friends every weekend. ready to go. more tiring than anything. you have a good time but feel the effects for a minute. takes an effect on your performance in LIFE. vacationing from the fast lane is never a bad idea. even if there is pressure to get back in the game.

Comment by D.A.

I agree.Sometimes slowing down and taking everything in is way better than the chaos of any club.

Comment by goodgirlgonemad

I Love It!

Comment by Kisa tha Diva

heck yea!
low key IS the new black!

Comment by Raven

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