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detox day 30 – I’m FREE!!!
July 23, 2008, 3:02 pm
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Alan Amaya

Before I get on with my world, I have to say this first:

“Whatever you desire in the here and now…whatever it is…put it out there. When you allow yourself to believe in something enough to speak it or write it down or talk about it, you have demonstrated the only bit of faith you need to summon your spiritual advocates to move on your behalf. This in turn leaves you no other choice but to move in the natural.”

I think my daily friends can attest to my transformation during my process to “become a better me.” I can’t give any credit to myself because the only thing I did was have faith enough in myself to be held accountable for making black girl a better black woman. I didn’t even realize that in about 30 minutes I will have hit my 30th day of Detox thus marking the end of my transition onto the stage of bigger and better things! In the midst of it I went through it (yea read the older posts LMAO), but now that I can smell and taste the beauty of being ‘mentally’ free I want it and I want all of the time. Although I didn’t stay 100% good girl on the external habits, my spiritual and mental strengthening was what it was all about. I feel that because I passed those tests the rest will follow. The best part of it all is that in the end I found love. Love for myself, my life, and the people around me.  Just a new found appreciation and understanding for the things I’ve been entrusted with. So…I think I’m good to go and I’m just glad I put it out there.

She’s back..beautifully cracked…but never broken. 

-black girl.


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Congratulation on your success…what’s the next 30 day challenge

Comment by The Standard

Hey, just found your blog and I’m feeling it…It’s different and fresh and clever…I’ll be back.

Comment by Donna

You are a constant inspiration! Keep it up!

Comment by lifeandgloss

Congrats!!!! Detox is a great thing. Have a great day!

Comment by Sasha

She’s back..beautifully cracked…but never broken.

-black girl.

Girl you never left you’ve just been in progress that is all.

Comment by 3 Piece


I just voted for your excellent blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.

Could you please return the favor at:



Comment by spedlaw2

Congratulations on your successful completion of your 30 day challenge!!! Keep up the great blogging. I just found your site and I think its great.

Comment by Sentrell

Feelin’ the blog. Will be back as well. What’s the detox…a new you?

Comment by Jayla James

I love your blog… I swore you were me talking….
I love the music… I am a fiend myself Congrats on the detox, I’m sure it wasnt easy

Live, Laugh, Love
Brown Sugga

Comment by Brown Sugga

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