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July 30, 2008, 10:01 pm
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Ali Madigan (Paris) – I’m gonna talk more about her soon…

I’m getting kinda popular! The other evening Sasha stopped by my house to hang out for a few. I welcomed her company because I’m usually so busy I don’t do too much entertaining. It was a little uncomfortable to change up my habit on that particular day but I did it anyway. We sat at the pool and chit chatted for a while. She’d stopped to browse a store before she got there and mentioned that some guy she barely knew saw her myspace page where she had a link to my blog. He asked her about the blog and said, “you’re a good writer.”I don’t think she even knew his name. That made my day!

On the flip side, yesterday I sent someone a friend’s request on myspace. I actually sent it because I know them and have spoken to them personally before. They just didn’t know it. I read between the lines to catch undertones which I think is why I took it the way I did, as somewhat insulting. Any way the message speaks for itself….


—————– Original Message —————–
From: Black Girl In The City™
Date: Jul 30, 2008

LOL You’re funny. So…because I choose to run my blog the way I want to you and however I want to and I won’t disclose what you want, that’s wack. Because I won’t give (name) what he wants that’s wack. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me, I’m doing what I do exactly how I want to do it over here! Take a look at the work instead of worrying about the person. Your nickname is Mr. Rude. But I am not paying that any attention so…

I’m doing well. Just doing my thing and staying busy. How are you today?

1. I won’t address
2. I’m a little bit of both. I work AND I play. I don’t have a desktop.
3. Don’t think too deep into it. I’m black and I live in the city lol. If you took the time to read my page you would know what its about.
4. You’re taking myspace too seriously. And I don’t think I want you as a “friend” lol
5. I do what I want. That’s the beauty of creativity! Your opinion doesn’t matter over here.
5. Doing great…Forever beautiful and always living well!

6. Bonus: This is not a Q&A so stop with all the questions and
talk to me about something of substance if you dare.


—————– Original Message —————–
From: (them)
Date: Jul 29, 2008

Are you out and about, or underneath your desktop computer.

What makes you a black girl in the city?

How do you choose me as a friend?

Don’t be all mysterious… that can be wack real quick.

How are you?

—————– Original Message —————–
From: Black Girl In The City™
Date: Jul 30, 2008 12:07 AM

How are you would be a better intro!

I choose to stay anonymous for professional reasons. Who wants to know and why?
—————– Original Message —————–
From: (them)
Date: Jul 29, 2008

Who are you?


Everything attracts a ying and a yang. I love them both! It lets me know I’m doing something right.

This song’s for you Mr. Yang!

-black girl.


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blah! @ him (or who ever) do ya thing homie! Gotta luv the haters!

Comment by Miss Underst00d

People forget that you are writing your blog to satisfy your need to write not because you are satisfying their need to read up on your life, lol. I love your blog and it inspired me to start my own. I’d be honored if you visited sometimes.

Comment by peachesngumbo

Love your haters…they make u better

Comment by The Standard

Your response was “nicety” and i luuuuv it. I’m sure that person is scratching his head right about now. Like I said before…you’re the REALEST!

Comment by Sasha

Black girl I don’t get it,but I do like ur blog! Because it gives me the answers to my questions, sometimes!just when I think no one gets it I read ur blog and u get me,and encourage me,for I too have a passion for writing have a trilogy that’s 2 parts done! Just afraid to let any1 read that ish! So thanks! I dig u!

Comment by yellow cupcake

Tell him to Kick Rocks!!!
Get how u live it….. To the fullest

Live, Laugh, Love
Brown Sugga

Comment by Brown Sugga

Well sometimes you do go on & on. Somedays i read your blog and its great then others I realize your just as screwed up as the rest of us. Yeah! Anyway, I come back and check on you almost daily because your appear to be honest which can be brutal and sincere which we need in this jaded world. Keep doing you. I luv it. Besides maybe its not meant for him to “get it”. Dont stress.

Comment by BabyBear

I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I love this blog. You are one of the most beautiful (even if I’ve never seen you, I know from your words that you are) and intelligent people in the blogging world.

Comment by flawsnall

Ummm, weird to say the least. Im lovin’ your blog site nonetheless… Keep doing what you are doing!

Comment by Meela

This was funny! I have to say. I enjoy reading your blog. I don’t care if you stay anonymous or not.

Comment by LaTonya Bynum

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