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finally…my girl is here!
August 7, 2008, 6:13 am
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I was driving home day before yesterday down W. Peachtree, and I always check out the Center Stage (concert/event venue) Board to see who’s coming when I’m passing by. Low and freakin behold! Esthero is in the HOUSE! I’m normally not the ‘fan’ type but when it comes to women making ‘good’ music and the kind I feel she is at the top of my list . Nobody has stolen her four star record in my iTunes yet. Doc sent me the info today and reminded me all over again. I got excited all over again. I thought about my favorite songs all over again. Then I played them over and over again lol. I’m so happy she’s finally decided to come and give the city a little taste of what real music is all about. Black girl has summoned the crew. Saturday it goes down!


-black girl.


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I loove Esthero, and Gone is definitely one of my faves. Now that I think of it, I tend to love all of the music you put on this blog. Good work 😉

Comment by B.

Thank u! Glad yer listnin’

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

At least somebody knows what’s really good! Rock on Black Girl!

Comment by CustomMade358

Ummm…how do I add you to my blog! I like what you are doing and want to stay in touch! Maybe we can work on some things. CHEERS!

Comment by Single In Atlanta

You are definitely my favourite blogger! You know about Esthero! One of the best things out of my fair city, Toronto. Your taste in music is stellar.

Comment by MzM to the

I cant wait to see her tommorow night!!!

Comment by BO

oh my god! lol i love u more now haha! i love me some esthero! pls get some pics..i love that chick 😀

Comment by gigi

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