Black Girl In The City.

back in the game pt.3: black girl, be good.
August 8, 2008, 2:22 pm
Filed under: Back in the Game

Ella Fitzgerald | Lady Be Good, 1957

So as the day approaches to chop my locks I find myself thinking about it more and getting kind of excited!  I mean, I’ve cut my hair before but now I have a stylist that is big time wonderful.  She always hooks me up so I think I’m gonna go pretty short.

It’ll be just in time for Saturday night.  Which actually turned out to be something else.  Actually gonna go with a guy.  Ooohh I know I know but as each day passes my resentment goes away and I realize it wasn’t worth losing something over. My main goal is to move forward and not make the same mistakes over.  I’m in a good place right now.

You’re gonna laugh when I tell you how old he is, but I’ll just leave it alone! lol “I like older women,” he says.  I hummed, “Oh yea?” And a new opportunity was born!  I’m just looking to have fun with someone new and enjoy life.  I think dating younger may just be the best for me because they focus on the enjoyment of being in your presence vs. wanting to snatch you up and lock you down because the know they want to get married soon but, “Just not right now.” Lol But anyway we’ll see what happens, He’s a gentleman and a cutie so I’m ok with that.  Yea hea.  I think my lady crew has taken the same stance in terms of just having fun minus the other stuff.   All of us are pretty much…chillin.

As for lil hottie, I promise I’ll be good.

-black girl.


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