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persian’s WHAT?
August 8, 2008, 8:16 am
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My girly Ray sent me something today and I have to jump on the train and post it too. When I read this I was like see…these are people that walk around us every single day. They smile in your face while they are thinking something totally different about you. I’ve seen it trust! What sucks is that this person is someone I’ve done freelance work for in the past. She is a gorgeous woman which confuses me as to why the hell she would say this? *shaking head* I am utterly speechless. I most certainly had to post this. (thx Ray)


The forward and after commentary were written by: Ramona

[Edited for Language]
Every year TRACE magazine does a Black Girls Rule issue that I absolutely adore. If you had the privelege of entering my bedroom during my first year in New York, you’d know I had the 2006 issue hanging up above my desk. My dear friend Raven forwarded me her friend’s reaction to this year’s issue. With her permission, I’m gonna share it with you.
THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WROTE. Not ME. (I’m reposting a myspace bulletin)
Here it is:
From: XXX
Date: Aug 5, 2008 2:59 PM
Subject: I beg to f***** differ!!!
I don’t understand why this s***is even acceptable. and Yeah im gonna go ahead and ruffle some f**** feathers and say it…why can a magazine exclaim a f**** bull*** statement like “black girls rule” and its totally acceptable? why can Vogue publish an all black issue?im not saying i dont want that issue (because it looks fierce as s***) and i dont like to see more diversity in fashion let alone the world, but i do believe in reverse racism and i think this s**** is really getting out of hand, thanks to obama im sure.
but seriously, how about if a magazine makes a “white girls rule” issue? i bet theyd have farrahkan and sharpton up there a**** before it even hits newsstands.
On that note, I’ll make my own exclaimation just to even the f**** score….PERSIAN GIRLS RULE. (Specifically me) And the rest of you can s**k it.


I read this and my jaw dropped.

There’s way too much to go over here, and so little time.

How is being proud about your heritage reverse racism? Saying ‘Black Girls Rule’ does not equal ‘Other Girls S**k.’ And anyway, it seems like every issue of almost every fashion publication out right now tends to have a subliminal ‘White Girls Rule’ message.

The Obama reference???? What kind of ignorant stuff is this?

Please feel free to post your opinions. I wanna hear feedback from EVERYBODY. Call me, text me, email, post a comment. Right now I’m exhausted. I’m not doing this blog justice by keeping it short, but I have to put it out there, like tonight.

All in agreement, say Ay……..


Every (whatever you are) Girl In Your City PLEASE stand up.

-black girl.


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This is just insane.

I did exclaim WHAT THE FUCK at the Obama reference too.

And yes I would have promptly dropped her as a friend too after she posted this ignorant bullshit!!!

Comment by Tally

Seriously I don’t see where the Obama reference comes in. Apparently there is a great need for these black focused magazine issues because someone seems to think you can relate all black people back to one another. All of a sudden the only thing that matters is that the people involved share one race. I would have no objection to an issue that stated Asian Girls, or Latino Girls rule. , like Black Girls are very creative and fun and I’d appreciate reading an issue with that focus… I obviously don’t mind reading magazines that focus on white females either because I get around 8 a month! I assume this Persian female felt that she could share her ignorant opinion with her friends, but “hello stupid!” Myspace friends arent usually your REAL friends. Her mistake. Rather than sit and take this foolish female personally lets go pick up these Black focused magazines, Trace has been doing it up (loves it! Bought it in the past and will definitely get this one!!!!) and prove to this woman and the magazine and fashion industries that diversity is desired. People are tired of seeing models that all look the same. Non-white models shouldn’t be a seasonal fad or one off magazine, not to sound unappreciative, its something that society should and would support. I hope.

Comment by MzM to the

I am soooo disgusted at the audacity of this chick! There is most certainly nothing wrong with taking pride in your race! I applaud anyone who does. Her blog shows insecurity and a lack of respect for black women. Some of her remarks were simply racist. And how dare she mention Obama in her tirade. Get a life, lady. And while you’re at it, instead of harping on a mag like Vogue (who noticed the lack of black models over the years and actually had the guts to dedicate a magazine to them), she needs to focus more on becoming a better person and embrace ALL cultures.

Oh, and clearly she’s dillusional if she can deny that black girls do, in fact, rule!

Comment by Alecia

1st of all WOMEN RULE period! Regardless women are still a minority in the world at which we live. But Persianchick with a vice- GET OVER YOURSELF! There is much need for black recognition! Vogue was a huge step -reversed racism?? No- how about RECOGNITION? If people would look past the racial BS 9 times out of 10 this world would be a better place! The myspace bafoonery-taking things personal is jus ridiculous.

Comment by Miss Underst00d

I’m an African American woman and not that I share Persian chick’s views; especially her reference to Obama (then she just got IGNANT) but it is true to some degree that if we were to see WHITE WOMEN RULE on the COVER of a magazine, Al Sharpton and all his homies would’ve been all over it screaming how it’s wrong. True, it is stated Subliminally on COSMO, VOGUE, and other predominantly white magazines that white women rule, it’s not on the cover for the whole to VIEW and judge…….. so I said that to say that what people can’t see, won’t hurt them…


I consider myself a fair person and I’m all for what’s RIGHT and that’s the MAIN reason I support Obama, b/c to white or black, he speaks the real and I can really appreciate that!!!!

But black people need to understand that we all have prejudices and it’s not fair that we can make a statement that bold and overlook that fact that it might offend other races, we are all here together and if we ever expect RACISM not be a prime factor in today and future generations, we have to find a way to show love for our beautiful skin (cause black is beautiful) but at the same time, not to appear to be insulting to other races in the process.

Much LOVE!!!! 🙂 HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Comment by Umeka R

You know,its sad that people always pull the race card…anywho,on my IM at work,i have this picture as my Icon and one of my co-workers sent me an IM “You never seize to amaze me”
she was subliminally saying that i went overboard with it,but i dont see why…
its a cool quote and a nice pic,nonetheless 🙂

the chick who posted that bulletin is a wack mess…lame

Comment by Janay W.

There are those who will do or say anything to further their career. I hope its worth it to her in the long run. (wonder how much she was paid to say it – Rush Limburgh loves to pick up on stuff like this and run with it)

Comment by BabyBear

Wasn’t it Vogue Italia? Because in the US people would die.
i agree with what you said about the subliminal [and sometimes not so subliminal] message of “white girls rule” that is prevelant in every form of media. And some are so used to it that anything other than ‘them’ feels like a threat. It’s all very limited and childish.

i will say that i think the Obama reference comes from a fear many people have about him becoming President- that he is going to punish/enslave the white race once he becomes president, that he will exact revenge on them. So ignorant it makes me dead tired.

That person sounds like a box of rocks.

Comment by c

I feel as if ignorance is the one thing that will kill us all. The further we get away from the concept that we are all a reflection of God’s beauty the more we let evil and hate rule. Especially in America we should be glad that things like Black Girls Rule can even be an accepted concept. They want us to hate ourselves. I try not to say stuff like this but reverse racism is bullshit. Unless we can somehow reverse time and enslave Caucasian people for hundreds of years the shit doesnt exist. Why is it black women cant get shine without it being reversed racism. America’s not the melting pot that we all want to believe it is. I live here i should kno. So even having that accesable seeing it in print makes me happy to be who i am in a place would make me believe that who i am is a burden not a privelage. Obama is biracial he represents US because in this country he does not have the option of representing anything else. The one drop rule is still in affect. Equating the leadership of this country with a magazine cover is half the reason he’s getting the flack he is now. We should want adequate leadership despite skin color. We all belong to one race…the human one. And once people begin to realize that maybe we can get out of this rut of ignorance we’ve been in for the last say…300 YEARS!!! Ok im stepping off my soap box now. Love others, especially your enemies. They will learn from ur love that evil does not prevail over good.

Comment by Micia

“I feel as if ignorance is the one thing that will kill us all.” I agree Micia. I think greed and a lack of respect for humanity and divinity will be a part of it too. But again even those can be lumped under ignorance. That’s why I do my best to educate myself before I open myself to have my debatable moments or offer an opinion. Obviously she has no education in the subject matter of femininity and minority culture because if she did she would realize that her people came across the same Atlantic we did. Just as we were treated unjustly here, Persia very rarely ruled over its own land over the centuries. Instead the Arabs, Turks, Russians, British, Mongols and many others took turns making Persia their beyotch. Silly girl. We are all the same over here if our skin isn’t a certain color. We all share the same struggles as a minority people. Only difference is they came over here voluntarily, we didn’t. Therefore as a novelty race that has endured and overcome I think we have well deserved our shine and credit. If she’s got a problem with it, sail back on over and ask whoever has reign over her land this week to do a ‘persian girls rule’ edition with her on the cover. I’m sure they’ll eat it up! Only difference is you won’t hear a black woman saying that shyt. We have bigger things to be concerned about. She can’t be mad because it’s our turn to RULE THE F**** WORLD! Haha, me loves it.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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