Black Girl In The City.

bye bye…I don’t miss it!

(thnx for the foto Ali M.! – The hoodies in the shot were hand made by her.)

My hair is GONE!!!! Although I thought I’d miss having a head of hair, I waved a happy goodbye as I watched the locks fall away. What’s funny is that while she was hacking I wasn’t fazed at all. I was ready for the hair and what I felt was symbolic of the season passed go so I could get on with something new. Tried the new dew out last night and um…yea. I’ll have to fill you in on the night in question later! Not much time to talk today because I’m mad busy but I did want to let you guys know that the hair and everything that came along with it is FINITO. When I woke up this morning and rubbed my head, I smiled because I felt free and the bestest thing ever? I don’t miss AT ALL. So I’m still movin’ as yet another BGITC eloquently proclaims, “I’m still standing” but never alone. Listen to the words! (it’s a snippet but I know you feel me.)

Yes, it’s looking beautiful round these parts. Remember me.

-black girl.


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About two years ago I decided to grow out my relaxer and go natural. After it had grown out a bit, I cut off the relaxed hair, and it was like I was seeing myself for the first time in my life. There is a type of freedom when you let go of the hair, lol.

Comment by Norell Alesse


Comment by The Standard

i’m kind of in the reverse situation..about nine years ago i went natural and am currently still natural. however, i feel like it’s time for a change…i’ve felt this way for a while. what i really want to do (and have wanted to do for 2 years or so) is perm my hair and cut my hair short a la nia long & rihanna. but a part of me thinks…what if i regret perming or cutting it…so many women of colour have recently opted to stop perming…am i going backwards? but then i think – it’s just hair. sure i thought the same thing when i decided to go natural…what if i don’t like it? having my hair permed won’t make me any less ‘proud’ or ‘real’ than i am now with natural hair…so it’s a dilemma i’m in…and hoping to figure out before the end of the month (i need a change for my birthday)

i’m new to your blog? exactly how was your hair before and how short is it now?

Comment by kay*

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