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‘how can she slap me?’
September 10, 2008, 12:14 am
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See this brings up an interesting point I’ve discussed with friends in the past. Some agree, some don’t – but honestly...if a woman has the Mandingo to be disrespectful enough to hit a man then hey – if she gets hit back it’s her fault because she opened herself up to it.

My take is that if you want to conduct yourself like a man and fight like one too then you have to be willing to accept accountability for whatever outcome you’ve caused by your own lack of self control. She lost control and just went off! LMAO I’ve get mad but I’m never dumb enough to slap any dude I’ve ever gotten angry at. The fact that I typically date big dudes (like 6’4 damn near 200 big) may be an incententive not to show my sassafras also but the point still stands.

I don’t think men should ever hit women but sometimes it’s a reflex thing when the woman initiates violence and just starts doing some off the wall, disrespectful crazy $hyt. If somebody slaps the lights out of your eyes and you are still conscious enough to understand that you just got bytch slapped, the ‘human’ thing to do is slap them back right?! If you’ve ever held a devilishly pissed off baby then you probably understand this principal better than others. I’ve been knocked in the mouth with big noggin heads and hair bows, caught in wooden block crossfires, scratched in the face…all unintentionnally of course but it takes a second for your brain to register and comply with a non-reactive approach because its a baby. A second that ‘by nature’ we tend not to want to let pass by.

Not reacting is much harder than reacting so I completely understand how things can escalate with the right individuals. But why didn’t anyone get on her case? She slapped him first but he reacted and got his a$$ kicked. I don’t think that’s fair but it IS Gangsta. The power of the P-U…

Domestic violence goes both ways and in either case is horribly wrong. Do you think there is a double standard when it comes to this? I personally think women have an advantage should we ‘choose’ to be the instigators or initiators. If I were grimy I could provoke my man to no end, bleach his clothes (I hear that’s a classic), poke his eye out with a stiletto and then send him to jail if I’m a good enough actress. Not fair at all but every situation is different I suppose.

‘How can she sllllap me!!!?’ (I’m mad at him for crying in the end lol.) If I’ve told you kids once I’ve told you twice: No hitting!

-black girl.


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GIRL STOP, I must’ve watched that 5 times just now, LOL! Poor guy…he had no clue what was coming to him. But yes I actually DO agree if anyone lays their hands on another person, they are well prepared to fight.

Comment by chanel

LOL – they went hard on the slaps for real.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity


That was so punkish!!! It was not that serious for all these men to act like the Hulk for one man. Well I guess he did want to kick her ass huh?

how are you?

Comment by kinshar

2 chanel… the women had no idea that she was going to get bitch slapped back…lol. It was so so funny, I think I will have to watch it again.

Comment by kinshar

I agree with you — if you dish it, you better be ready to take it. I also think there is an unspoken double standard with the expectation that no matter what men should never hit women but personally I believe a man has a right to defend himself within reason (hopefully by leaving or restraining a chick) in that kind of situation. I feel that some chicks get dramatic and escalate a situation not thinking a guy is going to do something to her — but like you mentioned it is human nature to act first, think later in the moment.

Comment by 1976remixed

First off, you’re nuts. Second, You’re absolutely correct. If a woman wants to buck up on a man than she need to accept the consequences. I don’t care what no one says, if someone hit you and you’re not expecting it, you react. I’ve done it when a hit me before. I felt bad when it was all said and done but at the moment I didn’t feel anything. I just reacted and hit back. Shit, my mama taught me if someone hit you, hit them back. Still, there’s a double standard. I’ve always had a problem with the double standard because it extends itself into other aspects of society. For instance, the presidential campaign is filled with a ton of gender double standard. For instance, the Republicans have painted any and everyone who makes a comment about Sarah Palin a sexist. And while they think they’re coming to her aid, they’re hurting her. She should be able take all the criticism that comes along with being in that position of power. If not, she’s substantiating the idea that women are weak. If women want to throw jabs whether physical or verbal they have to be ready to accept them also.

Comment by TROUBLMan

ha hah aha haha haha ha ha…..he should’ve smacked her back!!! but he got that a** BEAT!!!! lol
We’ve had this discussion before, ladies shouldn’t raise thier hand to a man unless they want to be hit back!! It’s just not cool!


Comment by Elle

oh man I totally agree with you. everybody wants to run to that chivalry shit. she hit him
she shoulda’ve gotten punched.

Comment by vickie

Omg I couldn’t stop replayin’ this!! Poor dude…dang, they all ganged up on him. Fierce! I agree with you though…I really do. Shoot!

Comment by Frannie

jesus please take the wheel! double standards should not exist but the harsh reality is that they do. chick is off the chain for slapping dude and dude is just as crazy for hitting her back.

Comment by dot

Chivalry is dead. Well, women clearly killed.

You can take this video for instance. Although I agree with you when you say that its instinct to hit back, as a man myself, I’d say that MOST men would not. When it comes to women, we try to take that “second for your brain to register and comply with a non-reactive approach” that ms. black girl mentioned. But I think that women, such as the one in this video, have started taking advantage of this consideration that men have. Ironically, many of these women are feminist, believing in equality.

And thats the sought of reasoning why we don’t give u the seat on a full bus, why we don’t open doors for you, why we don’t even put the seat down anymore. Because of the equality woman sought after, and the most men’s innate consideration for women thats been taken advantage of. The probability of you not finding a seat is the same as mine, it takes the same energy for me to open up a door as for you, and its just as much a hassle for me to put the seat down as for you to. Chivalry is dead. Women clearly killed it.

(Just to make this clear; I am not justifying the guy’s actions. He is clearly not one of the ‘most men’ I speak of. I am just criticizing the girl’s actions. Also, I am not targeting the women of this blog what so ever; most women here agree with me about the girl being just as wrong as the guy.)

Anxiously awaiting for some critics,

Comment by ksukh

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