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you can’t be mad little guy.
September 14, 2008, 12:50 am
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“Blog it all bytch. Be my voice.”

I was dying laughing and Sasha was fuming mad about her newest flavor. She was on the other end of the phone chronicling the tale as if it were happening all over again. With the same emotion, surprise and what I would gather to be regret mixed in with it all but still too early to tell.

I was sitting in my bed in front of a laptop staring at one sentence. The one sentence that should have been at least four paragraphs sitting in my agent’s inbox ready to read. Nada was coming out of my noodle no matter how hard I tried. I was blocked like a cheese lover and had deadlines sitting on my shoulder laughing at me like every word is a game.

“Awe man,” I said. That was really all I could say with the exception of a few outbursts of “What the phuk?” after young ears had left the room. We were discussing her lady let down. So the story goes…she met a guy, she liked him. He likes her; they’re all caught up in the new. It’s been a month or so, she stays over at the crib. They fool around, she pulls it out…and his male parts come in infant size. He did not experience Sasha heaven that night.

WHAT?! Right. Lol
. The fact that he had a small peep wasn’t too much the issue. In fact, one of my other home girls decided to give up the peep standard when she started kickin with her friend. He didn’t have the best skill or tools but he was fine and treated her right! I’m sorry; I’m just not there on that yet. I need all or none.

So we’re discussing the matter because, ok, this is not the end all be all. We may be able to work something out but the guy just goes and messes everything up by acting like a pure dank and showing his hiney like he’s on his period in the days following. Like…he knew he had been found out and he was a cranky camper because of it. What? How in the heyaaaal are you going to be lacking in that area, know it and still not try to make up for it and on top of that be a bitching mad jerk about it? That doesn’t make sense and the two of us couldn’t figure it out.

Sasha wasn’t trying to hear any of my analytical commentary on the matter anyway. Her last take on it all was, “Shiiiit. His head game better be right.”

-black girl.

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Personally, I can’t fault your girl. Us dudes discriminate on women all the time. It’s either she ain’t thick enough or damn she too thick (AKA fat), or any other number of things. Plus, homeboy should have known he wasn’t coming correct. LOL. He should have prepared her or something.

Comment by TROUBLMan

Dear God, I have the opposite problem. Met this guy. He’s wonderful. Well actually, he’s spoiled and selfish, but i am digging him and his faults. Anyway, we are getting closer and i am ready for the do. He pulls it out and its the longest i have ever seen. I am like what the __. So in my book he went right up to a ten! But hold it, as we are getting it on it looses steam. Yes, my baby boo became soft. No lie. This big man with a big d__ looses his mojo. Okay, i think i can still handle this. Yet, everytime we get together he looses his it. He just likes to get it over quick where as i like to get busy all night. I do like him but i need to be satisfied too. right.

Comment by BabyBear

Uh yea! lol. Funny funny – the theory in my circuit is that if he keeps losing it he’s doing it wayyyyy too much and it aint all with you. He may play with it too much or be a sex addict! Or, he’s gay and hasn’t come to terms with himself yet. Satisfaction is a must…I know how I get when I’m not happy.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

True Dat! I can’t express the dismay I felt when this happened to me.. It was my first and only time “crossing the color line”. I quickly came running back to the brothers..Stereotypical or not, I didn’t want to invest any more energy in a relationship with someone with a teenie weenie. I’d have to live with that (potentially) for a long time.. And Honestly, girls… life is too short to leave with messed up hair and unsatisfied. Y’all feel me!?

Comment by JuJuBee

See this is the type of shyt I’m talking bout. Mofo’s like that should come with a warning lable the reads “Warning: I HAVE A SMALL PECKER AND I CAN’T DO SHIT WITH SO DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!”. And nothings pisses me off more than a QUICK limp d@#$!!!

Comment by Kisa tha Diva

That paragraph had me so mad for Sasha I misspelled simple word..BG, tell Sasha I feel her pain!!!

Comment by Kisa tha Diva

that is too funny! my ex actually had a small one…but he knew what to do with it AND his head game WAY tight so at the end of the day it didn’t matter to me, lol…

Comment by (vixenchick)


Definitely been there myself- and yes the head game makes up but only for so long- on top of the fact that these “lil peckers” have big ‘egos’ to boot they have the pissy attitudes as well cuz of there ‘SMALL’ insecurities lol tell Sasha run now BG !

Comment by Miss Underst00d

As a young black man i have to ask, how small are these guys you have dealt with? And when answering this question be specific, because to the best of my knowledge 6-9in is about average. Does a man have to be 9+ to please a woman nowadays?

Comment by Jakson

lol smh @ “his head better be right”….

Comment by William H.

lol poor poor Sasha! But small doesnt necc. mean he cant handle his business, he’ll have to do more work. My first was small but he put it down lol. But if he is small and lame… thats another story & his head game must be on point.. no exceptions. lol

Comment by BAM!beano

LMAO>>>>>> Bytch I am over here dying laughing!!! Made me re-live it all over again!

LMAO @ Kiss the Diva…He damn sure shouldve came with a warning label, because his 6 ft 4, 230lbs, FINE, caramel exterior and oh so stimulating hugs & kisses were a DIGUISE! *smh….what a Hoax!!! i KNEW HE WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!


Comment by Sasha


Comment by CHINAY

yeah. i’m diggin’ that picture as well.

good reads. glad i discovered this blog.

Comment by fly tie

That’s Kesh in the picture I love her!

Comment by GaryGrey

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