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ut oh.
September 20, 2008, 11:22 pm
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Francisca Ulla

Libido’s back and this means trouble. I woke up at 8:00 am this morning thinking grown girl thoughts and wondering, “Who the heck and why now?”

I’d been doing a great job keeping my Kilimanjaro to my self. It was the safe way, the best way. I really had to get my energy back in full reserve so that I could continue on the journey of minding my own damn business. So yea, reserve’s back in full swing. I’m focused, things are moving, I’m happy and now I’m hella h****!

It was maybe the fourth or fifth thing I did after washing my face this morning but…I got my scroll on. Ironically I’d started deleting numbers out of my phone at an event last night so I’d shot myself in the leg so to say. I passed name by name in my PDA and nothing spoke to me. Wasn’t feeling it and I feel stuck in my own stinking matrix. My need to itch and scratch is going to put me in one of two places: I’ll either have to go back to my past and get one (or two) for the road or I’ll have to venture out into new territory and toy with a boy I’d never ‘known’ before. This is the very dilemma that has kept me in this what I wanna say three month drought. I don’t wanna do either. Fuggeemmalllll! But I can’t really say that because its not realistic. It’s just the process of getting there that blows my high and leaves me turning down more dates than I go on. Maybe I just haven’t met my match?

Did I dial? Nah…but I did text lol. We’ll see. My Saturday is a full one but I got this evening flagged in my planner where I’d scribbled the words, “Get Yours.”

The streets aren’t safe tonight. Mwwuahahaha.

-black girl.


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It must be something in the water because I really feel the same way too. Its been three months and I am not about to back track but I’m having a hard azz time feeling anybody. I’m afraid some innocent; expectingly date my get raped if I don’t get this under control. LOL!

Comment by Milkyglass

Well BG i tol ya we are too in-sync -i ridded myself of the 3 month hiatus this weekend too- fucc it…….. dude was worth it (i ‘known’ him already lol) Get yours shiittt we all need a lil something every now and again LOL

Comment by Miss Understood

Wow, I love that photo and the shoes.

Comment by princessdominique

FEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahahahahha… totally felt this!
“It beeeeez like that sometime” especially up to the “but I did text”

Comment by MJ

there’s a drought… lol, it must be the season. I had to give in though. as much as didn’t really want to, it was needed. he won’t hear from me again until the season is back in… lol

Comment by BAM!beano

Been there….lol
Why is so damn hard keepin it on lock??!!?

Comment by BlackGirlღღThinking

Once again BlkGL!!! so glad that i’m not alone…Except i totally have no ‘possibles’…i cleaned house for the new year…been itching for a scratch since July 4th n counting! UGGGH…stay strong sistas!!! Lord knows i keeps packs of batteries!

Comment by feedback

ohhhh my!


I think its something in the water… I have been keeping the goodies to myself lately too and not even feeling the slightest urge to give em up… but the last couple days… I’ve awaken to the same type of feeling…. so cheers to getting ours…lol

Comment by Eb

STDs aint the only thing on the rise… Weak Pipe Game is too.

LMFAO… IDK why I felt the need to add that,… but I rationalize thats why women are locking their Love down.

Comment by MJ

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