Black Girl In The City.

you must be crazy.
September 20, 2008, 6:16 am
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Aldous Massie

A fresh Friday indeed and it has been another good week. I’ve had my head buried in the computer and books, researching and writing, scribbling ideas and pecking out thoughts like a mad hatter conjuring up his biggest prize. A few breaks in between, Sol Fusion with Doc & Sasha, a late night drive with Christian, PTA Movie night lol…had to break it up but all in all you get the drift.

I’m realizing how truly incredibly off in the mind some people are. Sure I’m one of them but for all of this time I thought I was one of the chosen few and everyone else was normal. I think that’s exactly what the world and society wants you to think. That you’re not something if you do a certain this. But really, normal is horribly relative and I no longer feel guilty for thinking that the next person needs therapy or a tall ice-cold glass to snuggle up and talk to.

I rewarded my early start with a trip to Starbuck’s this morning. Decided to take a spot in the drive-thru vs. parking and walking inside. For some reason, the speed demon in the Mercedes behind me thinks I’m going to park and zooms around me. Swerves the big body in close hoping to jump in but there wasn’t room. She slams on her breaks, car parallel to mine, rolls down her window and yells, “What the Fuck are you gonna do? Park or ride park or ride?” She was older and her voice was strained. The jowls on her neck jiggled as she screamed and waved her hand. (Sidebar: What’s crazy is that I’m writing about this lady’s jiggling neck meat.) She had this crazy big black poodle pouncing around in the back seat getting just as psycho as she was, barking and slobbing all kinds of nonsense. I just looked at the both of them and laughed. Out Loud. They were utter fools so I simply I inched my car back to give her angry ass just enough space to get in front of me, thus getting the :45 second head start on her day she’d fought so hard to get. Crazy witch.

I managed to acquire my caffine fix with all limbs attatched, but forgot I’d need gas to even get into work. Made a quick stop at the BP across from Justin’s to fill up. Do the usual, walk in to pay leaving the pump in my tank. When I came back outside there was a homeless man squeegeeing my dashboard and I was pissed. Not that he’d tried to do a good deed and get his hustle on at the same time, but because ole boy did it without asking. Ugh.

“Excuse me! I’m good I’m good sir.” I was walking in double pace trying to get his attention.

“Oh oh, I was tryna help you out miss. Okay?” He didn’t look too bad off but I guess you really don’t have to look bad off when you’re hungry. I reached in my bag and gave him three dollars. Do you know this fool looked at the three dollars looked back at me and frowned, “Damn baby this all you got?”

Park or ride, park or ride, lol.

-black girl.


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smh. I have the illest road rage.. known for hopping out on people. that lady would have been everything in the book.

& a bum mad about 3 bucks ?! the bums out here would kill for that. they’re use to copper coins lol.

Comment by BAM!beano

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