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just a little ‘un’ inspired.
October 1, 2008, 12:11 pm
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Even Steven

Well, well, well. Things have been just a litttttle bit interesting these days and I’m not in the least bit inspired! In a somewhat comical yet wierd way, we are all being affected in one way or another by the madness going on outside of our front doors (if we have any). So… Instead of clogging up my lil spot here with snippets of how the average American citizen is caught in the midst of a war where control, mind-play, propaganda and hocus pocus wizadry are the primary weapons, I decided to chill for a sec. and spend time getting my damn inspiration back. Usually done in the midst of friends, hanging out with cute boys, watching the first season of The Wire in a weekend, you know the routine. Nevertheless welcome to the ‘un’ inspired.

Nappy Headed Satellite Mix Shows

“Don’t do it. You’re playing with fire,” I warned him.

I was waiting my turn at the pump for gas. I had a half of a tank and $20 allowance for the day. Figured I’d blow it all in paranoia of being stranded for miles because the city’s tapped dry of gasoline. I entertained my time fighting for black crack talking to J thinking this man is going to get himself mauled by any woman that that perms or straightens her hair . Of all the topics to choose from, J saw it fit to do a set on his Sirus mix show dedicated to his opposition of the processed, straightened, or otherwise altered state of the black woman’s hair. Dude what?!

“Uh. Can’t you DJ or talk about anything else? You’re going somewhere you don’t want to go brother.” My schmuck came in half giggles. I was amazed at how adamant he was about expressing his disapproval of perms and straightened hair. I really didn’t know it was such a huge deal for some men. But that’s what creative folk do. At least J’s got some freakin inspiration. “It shouldn’t even have to be like that,” he kept on hoping to justify his thought in my very own mind.

Propaganda Pimpery

It was finally my turn in line at the pump and I was stupid late for work. I’d spent the last thirty minutes wishing I hadn’t pulled up during morning rush hour. After getting off the phone with J I thought, ok, I may not be inspired but I be better let the uninspired inspire me to write something. As the saying goes, use it, abuse it, but just don’t lose it. Especially during these uninspiring times because they are going hard on jacking cats these days. And I’m not talking about the streets.

Day in and day out we’re being bombarded with the negative messages that constantly remind us of the problems and hardships that our nation is swimming in. The under toe is ridiculous and people are dying. Families are being disbanded, lives changing forever. It reminds me of little monkeys in a barrel. The little plastic ones with curved arms that come in the bright yellow barrel that opens at the middle. The monkey’s are jumbled up and shaken crazy like – then dumped out and played with like tinker toys. They’re linked to each other by their arms and legs. The goal for the player is to see how many monkeys he can keep hooked together while shaking the shyt out of them in this little barrel thing. Whomever can hook the most monkeys together wins. The players could care less about how the monkeys feel or what they say because they’re not real and just toys. Listen to the Jeezy song and pretend that he is speaking for president Bush and you’ll get my point and a laugh.

Every time I see the news, hear the radio or laugh my arse off at live coverage of OJ’s courtroom coonin’ I think, “They’re toying with us in the worst way.” We’re even now in the midst of a presidential election that gives me chills every time I think of what could and will happen after the ballots are in. This is going to get really crazy. Gunz blazing and all. So you see, who can blog about Coach’s flyest new line? Well, lol. (Just Go Here)

Nick Barjona

Close to Home

I’m a functioning member of society so being selectively disconnected from what’s going on around me isn’t an option. In a lot of cases, not a good look. My home girl is scrambling to find another job because the department she works for is being dissolved. Her own VP has recommended her across the company and still, nothing’s panning out. She’s days away from the closing of those doors and has nothing to replace her income. What happens when there’s nothing left?

I know a woman; college educated and held a position as an executive recruiter making 75k annually. The firm she worked for couldn’t bill enough and ultimately the company was no more. She had to exchange her beautiful four bedroom home and car for a studio apartment in the city, funding it with a job as a restaurant hostess and what’s left of her 401K. She’s 49 years old.

I get tons of resumes and I work nowhere near a human resources anything. Damn good resumes too, but right now, especially in the world of business, its dog eat dog and everyone’s hiring referrals or someone they personally know. Taking caring of their own and unfortunately, if you’re not in a position of power at this point you might as well chill and ride it out. Pray for the best and know you will make it.

Out of sheer desperation, my 20 year old brother and four friends he graduated from high school with joined different branches of the military as a last resort. Two of them enlisted 6 months ago and one, who is one of my brother’s best friends, just found out he’s getting shipped to Iraq. The guy says, “They told me I wouldn’t have to go but now I am on my way. I could die over there.” I wonder how his mother feels. My brother has just passed the exam and his paperwork is being prepared. He feels he has no other choice. Where in the hell is dad in all of this?

The good news is that life, in all of its un chartered territory, has a lesson or two for us all and always for our own good. We just gotta play smarter and adapt to change. Fluidity keeps you sane and I try to remind myself of this everyday when I’m banking on inspiration but the market has collapsed.

Register to vote by Friday, get your ID game straight and don’t where no Obama nuthin to the polls.
And make sure you have gas if you’re not getting a ride in Georgia. Really though.

-black girl.


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I’ve been un-inspired for about a month or two now.

Watching the media outlets control the sheeple to the left & right is border line depressing.

Not to mention the fact that buying gas has become an adventure down here in the A.

One thing that I’ve learned (yet still fail to apply all the time) that helps me to refocus is the fact that in 24 hours I get another chance to out do what I’ve done today and continue to leave my mark on this world.

Petro dollar warfare, Iran, Gas (lack there of & prices), Recession (I’d say Depression) and Atlanta traffic are things I have no control over.

My destiny however is a different story.

Nice blog by the way.

Comment by Dominik

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