Black Girl In The City.

Wired Up & Dropped in the Wind.
October 2, 2008, 4:38 am
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How I managed to watch the entire first season of The Wire on DVD in three days is beyond me but I did it! Ok, ok blame it on my guy crush Idris but I really was digging the storyline after I got into it. After finishing the first, which I hadn’t seen before, I was so stoked about watching season two and following the show from the beginning. Most folk know that I’m not an avid television groupie so my buddy LP volunteered his stash and brought Season 2 to work making me an automatic member of the WOC.

Excited indeed! Ready, wired and willing to see what happens next. Obsessive? Yes probably but who cares. Images of Stringer danced in my head as I prayed LP kept his end of the deal to exchange Season 1 for Season 2. Full and fit to behold my prize, I strolled back into the office and… Yes. There was my shiny new present signed, sealed and delivered. He’d left it on my desk while I was out on a lunch gallivant. Would have been better for Idris to deliver personally but I understand how busy boyfriends can be lol. I raced to the metallic green and matte black box like a little girl getting her first Cornsilk Cabbage Patch. There they were. My dates for the next week at least. Another weekend wonder wouldn’t be a good idea since I’d spent most of the last doing the exact same thing and there were a few that weren’t too happy about that but whooptly loo. I was so tempted to pop the first disc in right then and there to get the party started though I didn’t and held my cool.

I was clean and clear by 10:45pm or so and ready for nukie time. Popped in the DVD and planted my tush in the favorite corner of the couch, eyes fixated to the tv screen like a media drone. Then it happens. About ten minutes in I’m pissed as hell and ready to call 9-1-1 because someone had stolen the real season two and replaced it with something I couldn’t catch wind of. I curled my lip, making this funny (and kinda ugly) face I make when things just don’t add up. They totally dropped me in the wind after a crazy breakout season. Like, where’s the pit? Where are the towers and the hood? The fiends and the yellow tops? I would much rather see that then McNulty twirling around on tugboats like a fairy lol. A let down that put me to sleep before the first installment ended. Sorry boyfriend.

I can’t be mad because The WOC (Wire office committee) forewarned me that although season two may be a snore, its necessary and a part of the plan. Ok yea, whatever. Sure I could be pre-judging since I haven’t seen the whole thing but I have a pretty good feeling that I won’t be glued like a jellyfish to the set like before. All is not lost since I still have what…20 more seasons to go? And if anyone knows where I can get a nice Idris Elba prototype I’m taking applications. The real one has yet to show up at my doorstep and it’ll be getting cold soon.

-black girl.


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