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October 5, 2008, 3:26 pm
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BITCH RANT: no pictures, no music, hell… It’s two o’clock in the morning on a Saturday night. Just got in from seeing ‘Eagle Eye’ with a lil young hottie that I probably won’t ever see again. Why? Because he’s young and I felt like a babysitter LOL! But that’s the least of my frustrations. I’m just gonna put it out there that people really should get thier own sense of identity and style BEFORE deeming it necessary to bite mine, let alone emulate my thought process. I’ve been watching and I’ve always known and now it’s old and now you’re irritating the shyt out of me and now I’m aggy over something that really won’t matter 5 minutes from now but…right at this moment it does. At first, cute. Then, flattering….glad I inspire you. But now? Really. Stop following my lead. But then again, why would it be any other way? We’re not team members so take off my phukin’ jersey and stop following suit. You can’t do something someone else does like they do. Why? Because it’s their voice. My voice no matter how much you try to duplicate, mimic or make it your own. Stop it like..for real. Follow your own path and stop being so damn lazy. Urrgh. Hate to be a bytch about it but seems as though people don’t hear you any other way. If you think I’m talking about you then hey..

-black girl.


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girl – don’t be letting an immitator bug you.

1. UP YOUR OWN GAME: they’ll never do it better than you, but a great enemy is a great motivator for stepping it up.
2. PITY THEM: karma already got them – if their life is so sad they can’t get a style, thought or move of their own, then that will show right through as weak and un-authentic
3. THEY DON’T DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION: don’t give them any power they don’t deserve – it only legitimizes that what they’re doing is threatening
3. EYES ON THE PRIZE: don’t forget what you’re really after. will this get you there?

Comment by Nyny

Damn baby! Now that’s what I call venting. Get it all off your chest and let life do the rest. I totally feel ya when it comes to dating young and being a babysitter. lol. I just thought I’ll put that out there. Unfortunately when it comes to people, biting someone else’s swagga and image has become a regular occurence. I find it kinda flattering to have someone emulate my style but then again it’s sad to see a grown azz adult not to know their place as an individual. Rock on with your angry self…rock on!!!

Comment by sumptinew

by the way, have a great day….

Comment by sumptinew

it reminds me of that song by girlicious like me, everything she be is like me, so you can keep on watching. When someone bites your style people are clearly going to be aware of where they saw that before, it may be irritating but keep in mind you are the original, and people why try to imitate but they will never duplicate.

Comment by Miss April Joy

why u gotta talk about our date like that… .

Comment by solmunkilion

I am loving that pic of Meagan Goode…. so out of the norm for her

and what is up with all the young guys coming out of the woodworks… I had me one to that I have to get rid of after one night of bowling where I felt I was babysitting…

and that’s a shame you have people jacking your swag!

Comment by Eb

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