Black Girl In The City.

writer’s log: hearing my voice.
October 10, 2008, 10:00 am
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Rosario Dawson | Sexalicious

Mic check, one-two-one-two. Hello my name is black girl and this is my voice…

Since I’ve been putting work out there, a majority of feedback I’ve been getting from editors, publishers and peers is that they like ‘my voice’. “I can literally hear what you’re saying,” one editor commented, “you have a way with stirring one’s senses. Good stuff.”

I’ve written all of my life because that’s just my way. That’s how I made the world clear enough for me to make sense of. From the day I could write my own name I’ve had a love affair with the art of written expression. A passive-aggressive internalist to the say the least, writing made me the great puzzle solver and riddle ruler. The diva of enlightenment and one of much wisdom. Only because I took the time to figure it all out. And if there’s anything in this world and my life that needs sorting through, best believe you’ll find written record of the process somewhere in close proximity. But only if it moves me.

Game’s a little different now. I’m in the batting cage and have begun the conscious effort to strengthen my craft and strengthen my voice. Studying different styles. How other writers express themselves and assemble their thoughts into packaged meaning. Impressive writing floating around out there. I’ve seen others try, struggle and actually pull off a great piece. Others obviously don’t read their own shyt before putting it out there (I’m good at doing that). The rest of it…well it’s either prima material or it just is what it is. Though all of it art, I see that an understanding and respect for aesthetic writing makes the point that much more delightful and the expression of voice that much hotter.

Even though I’m my own worst critic and can attest to shredding my own words to bits, I still find what I do amazing and certainly won’t let a drop go to waste. My struggle of the moment is focusing and channeling something I’ve allowed to run haphazard, pulling it out whenever I felt like it. Having to write on cue and organize my thoughts isn’t always a walk in the park, but its vital for creative survival. Gritting my teeth but digging the lessons and skills gained all the same. In fact, it’s a nerve wrecking but necessary eye opening experience. Interpreting the world in what I’ve come to know as my own voice is a turn-on so I’m with this process of making my voice harder, faster, stronger. Besides, you’re only as good as the last thing you’ve written right?


-black girl.


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I like this post …

Writing is such an art form that can be manipulated in so many ways. When you find out why you write, it becomes easier to find your voice and portray that to others.

Well written. =]

Comment by JF Kennedy


I write because I can better express what’s in my heart and on my mind. Whether it’s sexual expression, anger, or love, they way I speak it and write it you may think it came from two different people. Why is that???

I speak well in general, but verbal expression is a weak spot.

Great work.


Comment by Simplicity

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