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Keri Hilson (&) Lil Wayne
October 18, 2008, 2:50 am
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Keri Hilson

Ok, there are very few times when I hear a song and get excited about it but Keri’s second single “Turn Off” has just replaced my current # 1 slot. I’m appreciating the creativity in the track but moresoe the writing. Wouldn’t expect anything less from a BGITC. ATL Flavor never dies!

Keri Hilson | Turn Off

-black girl.


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this is my jam!

Comment by Janay W.

that’s a tight picture.

Comment by fly tie

love this song! what was your #1 slot before?

Comment by brit.

I like the song a lot (minus the lil wayne part… I must be really old ’cause I just don’t get what is so hot about him, maybe I will hear the “right” lil wayne song and get it)

Comment by 1976remixed

Be With Me by J. Holiday! LOL I’ve been on that for a min.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

First and foremost, let me start by saying I just so happened to stumble across your blog a couple of days ago and your layout, pics, topics, music choices, and style of writing has got me intrigued. Keep up the good work Sistah. Now, regarding the track, I’ve been a fan of Keri’s from day one and I’m excited about her debut album, but I was kind of disappointed by “Energy” and I like the concept of this song, but it’s going to have to grow on me just like her first single did. It’s definitely refreshingly different though. Smooches :0

Comment by Caramel Jones

i love keri hilson! she’s so pretty!

Comment by (vixenchick)

cute! her hair is so damn cute, that blonde patch is inspiring me to get a blonde piece this weekend!!!!! heheheeh. love her!

Comment by Ray

Black girl, I like what you like. I ain’t really heard this track in the NY clubs yet, but when I do, I’ll remember who put me on first. Keri need to drop already. I’m not feeling Weezy’s verse though. He livin off his swag and not putting enough into his verses.

Comment by TROUBLMan

Yeah I’m feelin that! I dig her look too.

Comment by Dj Butterfli

I love this song, when it was first released it was all I played at one point. Its my text message ringer now.

Comment by Miss April Joy

omg this song go hard as heck lol. i love me some lil wayne and his verse was killin me too even hear it that is ma man. and to keri hilson i am so glad that u got lil wayne to be in yo song cause without him it would be wack

Comment by sharikah

u ma star

Comment by jenneh

Wow this is so cool. I really love it. The song is so refreshing and has a great sound to it. Keris is a star!!

Comment by Ondo Lady

i mite be 11 but i love your music and i going to be keri hilson the 2nd

Comment by jasmine

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