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New Music: Terrence Howard

Sometimes late really is good. I’m typically not the radio chick but I so happened to catch an interview with Terrance Howard on the radio this morning thanks to the lagging alarm on my drained blackberry. I have a new found respect for this guy after listening to him speak. Highly intelligent, wise beyond his years. If you haven’t heard already (which I’m sure you have) he’s got a new album coming. Didn’t have time to dig up info on it but I had to post one of his songs. Answers may not come right when you need them, but they always come right on time! Shine through it. 🙂

Terrence Howard|Shine Through It

-black girl


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That album is pretty boo boo

Comment by Desire

Really? Say it aint so.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

Its ok. Something my parents would like. Very mellow, smooth. Its very Terrance Howard. I like it.

Comment by WATZREAL

I haven’t heard the album, but I like the first single. And even if it was, his acting and looks make up for it. 🙂

Comment by autumn

I’m still shocked he performed randomly @ love @ howard homecoming :-/….

Everybody wanna do music lol

Comment by William H.

Has an old sound which I kind of like… but I must confess every time I think of him, I think of his Elle interview which he mentioned the whole baby wipes thing… but talent is talent and if people can still have love for R. Kelly, I can give Terrence a chance, lol!

Comment by 1976remixed

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