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Put A Ring On Your Boy!
October 30, 2008, 1:39 pm
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Roaming around Sandra’s blog and found this video from the Tube.  This guy definitely deserves a ring, round of applause or at least an ‘E’ for effort!   (Especially for grabbing his boobie at 1:24.)

-black girl.


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Wow! Okay Heyonce! LMFAO. This is hilarious…thanks for my first and only laugh since the time I awoke, Black Girl. You think the boob grab was funny? Check out dude’s facial expressions when he did some of his major moves. He was serious about that shit, lol.

Comment by Caramel Jones

OMG i love queens! he’s so cute!



Comment by (vixenchick)

He definitely get a A+ for that. He got it on lockdown! lol
And yes, he is adorable.

Comment by Autumn

i seen this over at YBF… diff format… IDC… he ate that shit… and his whine was better than Beyonce && crews… and that means 2 chicks and that tranny — yes tranny— next to her! ol boy diiiiid that!

Comment by mimi


Comment by Raven

yea the whine was killing me!!!!!

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

someone brought this to my attention last week. dude was definitely workin’ it.

Comment by fly tie

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