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1.1.09 – The Begginning of all things NEW.
January 1, 2009, 10:39 am
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Felix Ing | Slint.

So here I am, smack chillin on my January 1, 2009 and I still haven’t figured the best way to go about branding myself. My option would be to brand myself as a writer with my own name, or to transition my old company into a newer brainier one and remain the hidden force behind the machine. I should have made up my mind by now and I’m not quite sure what’s holding me back. There are pros ad cons on both ends but regardless of such, and as many biographies as I’ve written in my career, the one I cannot write is my own.

Good news is that I got my first piece of the year distributed today, just like I said I would. Despite my hacking all over the place trying to get a handle on my health I held true to my commitment and followed through. So, while my other friends where drinking in excess and indulging in belligerent fun I was at home staring at a computer screen wondering what the hell to write. To be honest with you what came out scared me. When I went back to read the article it was is if I was reading something someone else wrote. It was very intellectual, philosophical and clean. A step up from the rest so yay me! I also got my first editorial calendar from a mag today and was told to “pick what I wanted to cover” so things are well on their way to project next! Speaking of projects, I haven’t touched either of the two I’d committed to working on prior to the new year. Mainly because I haven’t gotten what I needed and without the necessities black girl cannot move.

Aside from the heavyweight decision of figuring out what’s best for my life, I have to say that my December was a wacky one but enjoyable all the same. I wish I could go count for count the great moments and experiences I had, but there were just too many laughs, memories made and seeds of friendship planted to recount. Looking back at my 2008 in review, I’m satisfied with contending that my number one lesson learned was that of living. In every sense of the word for my family, my friends and myself. I let go of a lot of things and gained so much in return. I sacrificed and gave only to see myself rewarded on many levels at the back end. 2008 is the year I think I officially I grew up while realizing I had a hell of a lot more to do. I became the woman ready to enter the next phase of her life…the fly phase that encompasses everything golden, everything special, and everything that represents me. And I have funny tickle on the back of my neck that says 2009 will be the beginning of a beautiful era where even more lifelong memories are made and people will come and go.

I’m excited about all of the new things in my life this year…the good, bad ugly, and even the royally phuked up because in all my getting, I’ll surely get understanding.

Happy New Year Everyone!

-black girl.


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Happy New Year, BG! I wish you much success. I spent NYE in Atl and had a blast. I think some great changes are coming my way, too. God bless!

Comment by Alisha

::sigh:: this made me want to put a put off plan into action. this blog always makes me want to read a book or something over some tea that i dont even drink and then people watch for about 15-25 minutes. and i love that.

i hope good things for u… and for this blog… because it has become my favorite. ps and that hiatus was killing me at 7:30am at my desk. 😉

Comment by Mimi

I wish you great success in accomplishing your goals in 2009; good luck!!!!

Comment by Lanai

Congratulations! Happy New Year. I am sending you positive vibes as you seek to clarify how you will brand yourself. Peace, Ananda

Comment by ananda

Best of life,love,health and wealth to you for 2009 and beyond!!! I love the fresh take in preparation of what is to come from the always fabulous BG. Happy New Year…check your email, I sent you an invite and I hope you can make it.xoxo

Comment by Sasha

Happy New Year BG!!! Take each step with measure and relish your moments. Branding is a funny thing because once it’s set you have to stick with it.


Comment by 3 Piece

wishing you continued progression. your focus and determination are definitely admirable.

Comment by fly tie

This was beautiful. I’ve found lately that writing keeps me away from parties, my beloved Coconut Batidas, and just hanging out altogether. Most of the time, if I’m at an event its because I’m there to do a write-up. & even without an assignment, I find myself absorbing the moments I spend outdoors… to possibly incorporate them into a blog entry later. :]

Comment by Simone Carlene

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