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sick wit it.
January 17, 2009, 10:50 am
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Tori Alamaze

I AM. EXHAUSTED. And I really can’t say more than that! As a result my blog has been one of the things to suffer since I’m not posting as often, but at least I’m yet holding on, lol.

It’s kinda been one thing after another, not necessarily bad, just a bunch of stuff demanding my time, attention and energy. Last weekend I ignored a scratchy throat and kept with my promise to meet the girls in New Orleans for an impromptu dinner and night on the town. Mind you I’d just gotten over what I thought was a cold, one that kept me too icky to even kiss the squeeze I was under at the time of that visit. Thinking this was not too crazy wouldn’t have been so far fetched – thought maybe I’d aggravated allergies. Wrizzong.

By the time I’d gotten on the plane, met up with the girls, hit dinner and the streets my throat was on FIRE. I even tried one of those big green hurricane grenade slushy things but by the time I got back to the hotel I was drunk AND icky. I had to go to sleep a few hours earlier than the crew – who have since coined me the snooze due to my lame bailout and falling asleep in my clothes.

The next morning I got up, out and on the first flight back to Atlanta taking the first appointment my doc could give me on Monday. Work was so busy that I had to do it from home in between my doctor’s visit even though I felt like hell. I was on the brink of a new project, and stuck with the task of parenthood in spite of. Makes you wonder how much time I really did make for rest. I had no choice and no help so as you guessed it, had to keep it moving.

The Monday doc visit said that I had a sinus germ so I figured, ok, cool. She even said I could go back to work. By the morning I was still feeling illish but went in anyway since I was supposedly not contagious. Ran my routine the entire week only to find out yesterday that I’d had strep throat all along. Part of me was relieved because I knew what I had wasn’t just a sinus yuk and my suspicions had been confirmed. Luckily I’d started antibiotics on Monday.

The way this whole illness thing lingered on and turned to something else was a clear reminder that I’m not superwoman and I really gotta chill. I keep forgetting that I’m not 20 something and jumping from the gym to the car with sweat on my brow in the bit cold probably won’t work too well anymore…among other things.

This weekend I’m still, but just for a minute and to fully mend. I’ll be back 100 soon.

-black girl.


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hope you feel better soon love! rest!

Comment by Raven

Get well soon!!!!

Comment by Lanai

Im glad to see that you are getting back on track. I love your site so get well soon!

Comment by YoungBlackBeauty

Please get well, BlackGirl, luv your site!

Comment by Amethyst

totally random comment which has nothing to do with your most recent post…btw i love your blog, but on to the point i’ve tagged you on my blog check it out

Comment by sdvanaleigh

i recently turned 26 and am already finding that some things that worked just a year or a couple yrs. ago won’t work too well, now. it’s sad but i guess comes with the territory. :-/

wishing you well. 🙂

Comment by fly tie

Totally late but that is bananas BG- you stay on the go- hope all is better! =)

Comment by Miss Understood

get well pumpkin! dig’n ur site.

Comment by Saved Girl



Comment by amber

Haaay Black girl…love your site! i see u have a pic of me on your site…How lovely is that? If u’d like to add a song or other details I’d be more than happy to oblige!
continued success with your site.
I love super intelligent & fashionable black girls!!!!!!

a fan,
tori alamaze

Comment by Tori Alamaze

where ya ta Black Girl…no matter how bad my life is going, i know you have some words of wisdom or an unique point of view. come back, bgitc, come back. lol.

Comment by Babybear

Hope you get better soon! I love this blog! I keep checking back for a new post…to no avail! Lol

Comment by Indifferent

I am so dying here for some blog entries..are you ok? I hope you feel better soon.

Comment by thirstyforsumknowledge

get well soon! dig the blog.

Comment by just will

Hey BG! I hope you’re doing ok, since it’s weird for you to go so long without posting. Whatever it is you’ll get through. Take care.

Comment by Miss Shawnie

Hey Blackgirl I’m hoping big things are happening for you right now. We here are in need of a new post, but we’re patiently waiting, something great coming if we haven’t heard from you. Stay focused & strong

Mocha Meli

Comment by Meli

Black Girl!!!!!!,

Where you at? It’s a sad day when I check daily hoping to see more comments. Then if I see one (which I haven’t) I hold my breath and hope its you responding to your readers. But alas its not. Come back to us and drop a one liner! Hope all is well on the real tip tho.

Comment by mindblower

black girl come back! 😦

Comment by j

BLACK GIRL!! I like the updated site. Is this a sign that you are on your way back?

Oh well, if not, I understand. Do what’s best for YOU. Peace out…

Comment by Amethyst

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