Black Girl In The City.

the re-intro.
March 15, 2009, 8:00 am
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So, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated but a necessary break I needed to take. Instead of typing a mile long mini-series on where I’ve been and what’s been happening I’ve decided to begin right here. Today and now. I’ll admit I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out how to jump back into this and a couple more obsessing on what to say once I actually did.

Things have been happening quickly so it’s been quite a task to keep up with myself let alone the blog spot. Narcissistic perfectionism? Probably but I accept that lol. Eventually I picked up on the fact that my personal campaign for over-thinking had gotten me nowhere, literally. So my only logical solution was to get back in here and pick up where I left off, swag turned on of course. 😉

-black girl.


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sooo glad ur back!

Comment by dani

Glad to see your back!!! You’ve been missed girl!!!

Comment by Miss Thang

welcome home

Comment by Mr Lewiboro

Its good to know your well. As I believe everyone needs mental health days (personal days). Time needed to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Now jump back into with both feet.

Comment by BabyBear

my inspiration for my on blog is back! Man I’m so happy your back. Even tho idk you I felt like I was missing an old friend.

Comment by mindblower

ahhh BG your back awsome-it was about time!!

Comment by Miss Understood

Welcome back!!! You have been missed!!! Are you gonna step your twitter game up too??? I was so excited to find you on there! I have 3 words for you. YOU. INSPIRE. ME. Thanks Black Girl 🙂

Comment by SweetAnalysis

I knew you were coming back!

Comment by Southern_Lady

welcome back. i was looking for you!

Comment by milkyglass

Prayer changes things…..glad to see you returned home! I hope all is well and that you are in a good place, in every sense of the word. I, as well as all of your other faithful readers are so happy to welcome you back.

Comment by Mistery

Blackgirl! I thought I lost you!!! SOOO glad you’re back!

Comment by D

you have been missed…glad you are back.

Comment by dot

Welcome back 😉 Just as I came across your site a month ago, I wondered to myself, is she ever gonna come post something! I have been checking it daily 😉

Comment by Vernishia Renee

Keep the swag turned on BG, looks good on you. Welcome back!! Now do the thing..

Comment by Amethyst

I’ve been checking for your updates like a crackhead :)Welcome back!!


Comment by MzChaCha

M y prayers have been answeared! You were missed and I am glad that you made time to gather your thoughts and are now able to bless us with your presence! I look forward to hearing what’s on your mind. Welcome back Black Girl!

Comment by Mystry

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