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shawty got giffs!
April 1, 2009, 10:52 am
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–>caution – this is a UGK classic – explicit lyrics are a given so play at your own risk!

I’m such a trash reality junkie and admit that I have this crazy, weird thing for
Ray-J’s VH-1 Show. Part of it reminds me of the high-school days, when all of the girls gobbled and fluttered their feathers for the same cock. Senseless BS if you ask me, then again my mindset wasn’t quite high school back then lol. But you get you point…TV imitates life or whatever – it’s entertaining business indeed.

Unlike some other clown coon reality dating shows I’ve seen, the drama is a little bit more live wired on Ray-J’s show. Like…chicks are buggin out for real for real, lol. Maybe they feel there’s something beneficial for the one who wins the heart of the ‘Prize’ (if that’s your kinda thing), and its getting kinda crazy now that he’s down to the last three. Emotions are live wired and I think it really captures a lot about how frikin crazy women can be and how men interpret our actions.

I find devious comfort watching the drama unfold and talking trash to the tube as I remind myself to never. Ever, ever, ever, ever….appear on ANYONE’S. Reality TV Show. I doubt I’d be dropping splits (shawty got giffs!) or manipulating my opponents so they eliminate themselves, but I’m certain one of my Juggernaut moves would forever label me as that chick that could and didn’t give a damn. I’d rather not risk embarrassing those closest to me because I got drunk and decided it would be cool to hang upside from someones stripper pole (on national TV).

But I just wanna know one thing…LOL

Have you been watching the show? Who do you think will be eliminated next week?

-black girl.

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This show is a guilty pleasure thta I am ashamed to admit. I honestly didn’t want to like this show but it is addictive. I, like you, find myself talking to the TV and running thru the house trying to get stuff done during the commercial brakes, LMBAO! The thing that captures my attention mainly is seeing how truly catty women can be. I was rooting for Unique because I liked the way she carried herself (aside from acting like a punk when it was time to throw down in the ring)but that proved to be an act after she let Danger have it! (WHEW) Anywho, I think it is going to be a tuff choice but I know I will be glued to the TV watching every moment of it.

Comment by Mystry

I think that Cocktail is next and she needs to be

Comment by keke

I watch the show but I am really not a fan. After watching all the other horrible ‘reality’ dating shows I have to say this is the most boring. They do the same stuff every week, argue, go out to eat, drink and somehow end up in a bikini. The show is soooo fake and scripted that I can’t even get into it. And i think these ‘women’ (if you can call them that) are setting such a bad example for the younger generation. I mean I can already see young girls running to go get tattoos on their face like danger (which is the dumbest thing sh*t i have seen in a while). It just really makes females in general look like damn fools……

Comment by Jittauni

if he would stop trickin the show could be even better!
i want all girls to be on my show. the ones with serious gifts, and the one with serious minds.
wow perfect

Comment by Lion

Ray J is a all around cornball. No lie. Who the fuck let him have a show LMPRAO! Like are you for real. And that video. hahahaha.

Comment by Mr sickening

The ‘Banana Split’ girl hopefully learned something from the show. You can’t climb up a pole in your dress while you are on a date and think the guy will take you home to moma. I’m sorry. Ppl can say what they want to say but R Jay eliminated her the very next elimination. She was eliminated before crazy Danger!

Comment by Sexy

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