Black Girl In The City.

no thanks.
April 9, 2009, 12:53 pm
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Juicy Art

If its one thing I’ve learned its to let alone and let be if I know it ain’t for me. When I was younger I was often afraid to say no. Carried it into my adult hood creating some pretty interesting situations turned the best life lessons. Those lessons partnered with maturity make it easier for me to take an objective look with minimal emotion and physical involvement, and in turn decide whether or not to rock based on the stuff that matters. Even then I may go wrong but exchanging old pleasures and habits for more ‘peace’ of mind is enough to keep me turning away from the tainted….

I’ve lived within the same fifty mile radius for more than sixteen years so I’m always bound to run into someone I know or have known. And in the case of “have knowns”, gotta be honest and say that some of them should probably remain that way. I’m a firm believer that certain people and things are behind you for a reason. And despite my desires to keep it movin’ a certain ‘have known’ has been rallying in the sidelines, eager to jump in the game

Oddly enough it was a basketball game. One of the few rival NBA home matches that people make it a point to attend each year. I was bound to run into some knows and have knowns. In the midst of defense shouting and somewhere around third quarter I felt a familiar pair of eyes searing a hole into my brain. I paused, surveying my surroundings – only to see him wide-eyed , all in my grill waiting for the perfect moment to lock gazes. I laughed when I recognized who it was…a “have known” we’ll call Corlin, an old flame and friend.

Back in the day, like 90’s back in the day, Corlin and I kicked it. We started out as great friends who’d been introduced by my work out partner and his best friend. I was in school then trying to work and raise a child also so I didn’t have the time he needed. He didn’t have the patience I needed either so we chilled before officially cutting loose. I could have cared less. I wasn’t even 21 yet.

About five years later we run into each other again, only this time in a grocery store. Lots had changed, I was on my new ish, better ish. And at first I thought it was cool to kick it and catch up over lunch. It was all was good until he kisses my fingers, tells me he’s engaged, but only to confess that he should have married me. Womp, womp, womp. I wasn’t buying it nor the proposal to swing by his place afterwards. A gesture I quickly refused thinking Really, ninja? What do I look like?


I don’t think so.

He was mad disrespectful with the ‘’back to my crib for a quickie’” proposition but more importantly he’d disrespected his bride to be. So I cut him off at the smell of smoke, not even giving him a chance to explain

Now here we are again, five more years later and this guy (of all people) is seated a few rows ahead of me with his wifey and their crew. I grinned, nodded and wiggled a few fingers hello. He draped his left hand over his seat and I could see his wedding band. Our eyes locked before I looked away and excused myself to the bathroom.

After the game ends he and his crew stand up and gather in a circle in the corner of the court. It’s obvious Corlin’s wasted because he’s talking mad shyt to everyone and being a really ostentatious drunk. A few hand clasps and shoulder taps after that the crew and thier ladies assemble single file and begin walking my way to exit.

Corlin pretends to notice me last, speaking to my mom and daughters first, then me. His wife never said hello which I thought was pretty rude, and although she was prettier than I’d imagined her stank ass attitude ruined it all. He watched her take a few steps before whispering into my ear, “Your beauty has always been timeless. Make sure you call me.” Brushed his Vodka scented, Carmex coated lips against my cheek as he drew away. The deed took all but sixty seconds and in an instant they were gone.

Of course I never called him but that didn’t deter Corlin’s efforts. A few months later I’m muddling through friend requests on Facebook – low and behold! I accept and he sends a note: Thanks for finally accepting me. What have you been up to? I gave a one sentencer and he replied with his phone number and instructions to “Call.” No. Siree.

Fast forward to yesterday while I’m working like a diligent little bee. Office phone rings and I unsuspectingly pick it up. You guessed it! His cocky, half grunt half laugh was enough for me to hang up but I just held the phone and listened to him talk. The argument was that I hadn’t given him a chance to be a part of my new life, and he wanted me to be a part of his. All the while I’m thinking to myself, why? Sure and dandy I’m all for friendly gestures but something tells me that he’s got something else up his sleeve; other plans on his mind. That kinda stuff I just don’t need and can’t afford to mess with now…and never.

I probably would have been flattered by his puffery and concealed intentions back in the day but today is different and I know exactly what’s for me. He’d find a way to break the rules to grab my booty anyway.

No. Thanks.

-black girl.