Black Girl In The City.

May 3, 2009, 12:40 pm
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Listen, I’ve been totally shucking this blog and it was bugging me up until today. It’s evident that my life is evolving into something else, something different and new…but I’ve really been trying to find a happy medium to keep the dream alive.

When reading back through this project [ Black Girl In The City ] I noticed a trend. When I was super happy, feeling f*** up or needed an outlet to express myself emotionally – my writing was most active. Call it therapy if you will, but somehow I’d managed to record a major evolution of myself in real time without even realizing what I was doing at the time. This blog had become an open platform to really sort my shish out, and to understand the circumstances that competed for my existence. By maintaining anonymity I was able to offer something real and interesting while helping myself heal in the process. Somewhere along the way I thought it was only logical to turn it something else by offering advice among other things, but now I realize that BGITC was never intended for that.

I started this blog because my spiritual self told me to. At a time when I needed something to help me realize who I truly was, and the depth in which my gift could impact and help complete strangers. And it was only when I went back and read the story in its entirely that the chapter had become evident. Over the recent weeks I’d been struggling with figuring out what to do with this blog, and what actions I could take to remain loyal to its cause. In doing so I realized that BGITC represents a chapter where I’d experienced a time of change and accelerated growth. My willingness to listen to that voice gave me what I needed by taking me to greater heights – to a better place in life with a different state of mind. And because of this my frequency in posting has dissipated. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I’m in a place in my life where I don’t necessarily need an outlet such as this to express my feelings at any given moment. I see this as a sign of growth and a testament in how sticking things through can take you “To”.

But before you get to thinking that I’m doing away with BGITC, let me tell you THAT’s NOT HAPPENING! If you’ve been following from day one you know that writing is something I will forever do – its the fabric of who I am. I’m morose closing out an old chapter and beginning the next, and best believe a thirty something year-old chick like me still has a lot say.

Stay tuned for chapter next.

-black girl.


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Mercy Lawd! I thought you were gonna close the chapter on this blog and I was gonna feel sad! You made me start my own blog, made me search for blogs, made me love blogs. Your too dope. I can deal with less posting cuz I guess that means your str8 in life but don’t just up and leave tho. Waiting on the book too, whatever the topic may be I’ll read it. Peace.

Comment by mindblower

dayummmmmmmm i thought u was gone again i’ve been checking in everyday since the last post thinking damn where she at lol pheww im glad its not a wrap and i look forward to the next post 😀

Comment by jasmine

that’s pretty profound. blogging and journaling do have a way of revealing us to ourselves. while i do enjoy reading your blog and am glad to know you’ve still got things to say, i think it’s great that you’ve come to that realization.

Comment by fly tie

Thanks for the update, girl take you time I have patients its worth reading when you do post.

Comment by Meli

Like everyone else, I am quite relieved that you are not calling it quits, whew! I look forward to future post and am all for you writing when the mood hits. All of your loyal readers will be right here frequently checking to see when a new blog hits and cheering you on in the pursuit of your happiness. I find it quite intriguing that you were able to gather many of the reasons why you unconciously wrote in patterns for that I think you are blessed. It often times takes people years of doing the same thing only to realize that something different is needed in order to see change/progress. Keep up the great work and stay motivated! 🙂

Comment by Mistery

Im glad u finally felt the need to breif your folks on that. .if they didnt have those feelings already
lol 🙂

Comment by Lion

Hey BG!! I, too am glad that you decided to continue this journey of blogging. This blog is waay to valuable in content and emotion to stop now. We (your fans) support and believe in you and your writing. I am sure I am not only speaking for myself when I say that your stories mirror the day to day events of many of us women out here. It is a breath of fresh air to read how you handle yourself and keep your sanity with a very cool synchronicity. Please keep up the great work…evolution in your life will be constant and we all emerge stronger when all is said and done. Muah!

Comment by Sasha

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