Black Girl In The City.

Flip Flop Wars


The picture above was taken by yours truly from a strategically selected parking space in front of Old Navy in Atlantic Station yesterday. I, among the other early birds lined behind my car single file, thought it would be smart to get there early to take advantage of the event of the year…the highlight of the season…the kickoff of a southern summer…The One Dollar flip flop sale at Old Navy! LOL I have to laugh at myself because I actually woke up on Saturday morning with a tinge of excitement because soon I’d have a pair of flip flops to match every summer ensemble; just as I’d done last year around this time.

I also thought it cute to let my friends know because I care, but mainly because I just like to be the bearer of great news. Some were on it, others responding thanks, while the majority of my male friends replied, “Real Men Don’t Wear Flip Flops.” Yea, whatever.

Lo had forewarned me of the drama that would soon come, she was already in the mix at another store that had opened earlier than mine. “These people are crazy, pushing you over and everything,” she laughed, “Oh brown! I’ll call you back.” I doubted that I would experience the same madness but was sadly mistaken, and it wasn’t long before the mumbling of threatening curse words ensued underneath my breath.

I was tiny and trapped in a mound of scandalous women clawing and flinging arms, willing to do whatever to get that pink size 9. I sported my slick ninja moves on em, looked for other displays in the store that may have the same thing. Low and behold toward the middle back, three more carts of shoes were ready for the taking. I could hear the others catching on to the existence of my new-found oasis, clamoring their way toward the carts I quickly hounded through.

Finally I’d had every color of my heart’s desire except for one…the white flip flop. I spotted a pair in my size sitting lonely on the other side of the cart and reached for them. Out of no where my hand was stunned with the sting from a woman’s massive hand. It took me a second to register this fact: Whoa and YES, this chick really did smack my hand.

“Those are mine,” she said staring at me blankly. Her eyes were almost animalistic and that white pair of flip flops was the only thing on her menu. Question: Did I want to go to war over a pair $1 flip flops, or should I kindly back down and let her way be had? My blood began to boil and it took every thing I had not to smack the $hit out of her for putting her hands on a complete stranger over something so trivial. I’m not sure if I was more stunned than angry but I just stared at her for a few seconds. A glare that warned of my dark side that would turn the entire %&#$@* Old Navy upside down just to prove a point. Nevertheless, I settled with, “Damn, is it that serious? Here sweetie they’re yours.”

Aside from nearly getting trampled by a stampede of color rubber hungry banchees and nearly getting eaten by a crazy witch with an appetite for flip flips, I made out ok with about 20 pair in assorted flavors for the family – and got the hell out of there quick before I changed my mind about that ‘just to a prove a point’ fantasy.

…and who needs white anyway. :-\

-black girl.


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it goes down in the Atl Old Navy’s! I still got my gray and blacks from last season cuz I only use them for pedi’s. I woulda had to hand that bitch her ass cuz I’m not her toddler thats about to touch a hot stove. she needs not hit me.

Comment by NotForTheFaintOfHeart

daaaaang…i didn’t know people do it like that.

matter of fact, i’m not even sure that i’ve hear of this sale before now. maybe i caught a commercial somewhere, bit i can’t readily recall it. some $1 flip flops would be nice. that’s basically all i wear in spring/summer.

funny accompanying music.

Comment by fly tie

you should have seen my face when i noticed this post lol i know only to well how far some women will go when there is a sale on *smdh* but anyway i’m glad you kept your cool and was the bigger person 🙂

Comment by jasmine

Okay…so were was I when old NAvy had the $1.00 sale…??? Ill have to update my know those require a annual renewal..LOL.

Comment by fadedgirl

I am speechless, all that for some dollar flip flops? I know times is tough but still…that’s crazy.

Comment by blackgirlinmaine

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