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May 26, 2009, 10:39 am
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Most in my life can attest to the fact that I’ve never been without a job or hustle. At the best of times I’ve successfully managed both, and at the worst I relied soley upon the inconsistent payout of a hustle to feed my family. The latter, incredibly stressful and nerve wracking if you were accustomed to attaining things the ‘easy’ way in life. In that regard I’m thankful for the experience of having to literally go out and compete and learn the rules of the game as if my life depended on it. I’ve since altered my moves but maintianed some of that mentality. Constantly staying on the move, elusive and unpredictable while applying the rules of knowledge and adaptation in the most unsuspecting ways in order to attain my goals.

The downside of playing in the lions den is that everything is an illusion, and what usually is most likely is not. You learn to think on your feet and stay 100 steps ahead of your own game or else…you lose. Game over. And all the same, even as a female, you’re not permitted to physically show the toll that the hustle has taken on your own soul – lest you be spotted by those waiting to take charge of your position while at your weakest point. Again, you lose. So, I learned that side of life, got what I needed and took what I could take with me to apply to the next phase; in which the ultimate goal would be to do smarter over harder. Needless to say I had to make some serious decisions about who and where I wanted to be in life and at that point I decided take a different road.

What kills me, though, is how some folks can stand to criticize and question what it is you’re doing in terms of achieving your goals. Some friends have told me that they disagree with the time I’m investing to get my degree since I have equivalent business experience. “You could be investing that time in your own business.” My answer is: If you want to play high ball in the big game there are certain rules you must follow; leaving the others left to be broken.

Others have wondered how I am making time to peruse a writing career and full time career; school and a home with babies in it. I offer two words: Strategic Planning. The essence of the grind or ‘success’ if you may manifests as different things to different people. It means a multitude of things to a particular individual. My top isn’t your top and I wish more people understood that principle.

There are times when I’m questioned about my reasons for selecting the particular path I’ve chosen, and I’ve faced the critical opinion of intellectual friends whose purpose is to challenge any perspective I’ve thrown at them (to keep me on my toes:). And when the majority of them question my how in it all and why I believe that my chosen path is aligned with my destiny I always offer the same response:

“Failure is not an option.”

And so what if I’ve got a lot on my plate…it just means that I have to eat twice as fast. Napkin, please?

-black girl.


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You are truly an inspiration! I admire you for being able to maintain and stay focused while having so much on your plate. I am in awh of all of the energy that you have to pursue all of your many goals. All of this juggling and dedication will pay off for you and your family …..and when it does please know that you deserve every bit of it! Stay blessed…please keep writing and inspiring us all to want just a little more while keeping our eyes on the prize!

Comment by Natural_Oasis

First off this is so off topic but you don’t know how excited seeing your comment on my blog made me! I swear you are the inspiration behind my shit! Like you leavin a few simple words is like a basketball player getting an autograph from their favorite player! I don’t even care if no1 ever even visits my page from now on. It’s just that major. On to your post.

Some ppl only know how to hussle. If that plate aint full, we can’t function. It’s 24 hours in a day and only so many days in your life so you gotta max out. As long as you know where ur headed ppls 2 cents are more than deflated. Tell them you don’t need to make change and keep it moving.

Comment by NotForTheFaintOfHeart

BG, stay true to yourself. Your instincts and intuition is telling you what path to take this is also God telling you to let me carry you. Dont fight it just continue to stay on your path. Remember no regrets. no regrets.

Comment by BabyBear

Great post. You have to step outside of what others may find unacceptable and walk alone sometimes in this life. I equate it to be being an eagle. Eagles are aware and know other eagles but rarely do you find a pack of eagles flying together. They all are strong, independent and they know their paths and are not afraid to soar. Know who you are, have confidence and resilience in your abilities, have a clear path and you can go wherever you want to go.

Comment by Blksabre

Very Nice Post. It made me just think about some things and people that are around me. And Blksabre is definately right. Birds of a feather, flock together. Had to re-examine my circle. If i wanna soar like an eagle, why am i kickin dust with chickens….

Comment by MO

I totally dig this. I have a crazy habit of putting a lot on my plate and I complained to my cousin about too much being there. And he just told me I have to be hungry! Let’s get it! I’ve noticed that people are quick to tell you what it is that you should do to be “successful” but don’t practice it themselves.

Comment by Kitty Katana

Thank you for being motivated and having enough sense to get a degree and to uplift yourself. I just graduated myself and starting reading your blog while I was in college to learn more about my community. You are a true rolemodel and are helping the community by doing so. I knew there was reason I liked your blog 🙂 Good Luck in getting your degree and many blessings. and whenever you feel it’s too much just pray and keep going. It’s just two or three years of this degree hustle and then after that nobody can touch you. Peace.

Comment by Zay Zay

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