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Recognize…then FIGHT.
June 5, 2009, 1:51 pm
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It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff in life, and I admit that there are days when I rely solely upon silent prayers to get me through in a functional manner. I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that life is a challenge for a lot of us in one way or another, and sometimes there’s nothing left to do but ride or die. There are some cases though when this is not enough.

Some of the challenges we face are beyond our control. Others are within our control, and the most interesting of challenges are those that appear to be beyond our control when in fact we hold the key. I believe that the latter of these three challenges are a form of natural conditioning designed to teach us how to unlock and discover a dormant power that the Gods have, for whatever reason, decided you need to unleash and walk in ASAP. Those challenges are the worst because they seem to come from left field and have a greater likelihood of knocking you square on your ass. They are those gravest of circumstances where you just have to look to clouds and say, “Really? Are you serious?” It’s in those times when you think its over that you must recognize the gift that is being given to you (no matter how irrational that may seem).

Many brush these situations off as bad luck, a fact of life or an “it is what it is” type thing that will likely solve itself with time if I just sit quietly in the room. But how many times have you let that thing ride only for it to come back and rear its ugly head again and again? Welcome to the karmic lesson – and until you get that lesson by passing the test you will continue to be that one sad soul in the room always pouting about some misfortune that has happened in your life, wishing for your Captain (save a hoe). The disheartening fact is that until you get it you just won’t get it. Whatever that ‘it’ may be, you’ll never have it because you’ve not qualified yourself by recognizing this type of challenge and fighting your way through it. It’s the Golden Rule that must be followed.

In the past I have been that person. The worry wart and undue recipient of significant hardship. Although I never fully gave up in the face of adversity, I didn’t fight hard either – mainly because I abhorred conflict of any kind. It wasn’t until I became a more mature adult able to look at a significant chunk of my life in hindsight that I understood the lessons that I’d been assigned to learn in order to fulfill my life’s purpose. Let me tell you, I’ve been through some ish. I faced some really tough situations and was forced to make some adult decisions at a very young age. And of all of those decisions and situations I was faced with, it was the times where I thought it was over that I shined and grew the most when all was said and done. I’m thankful that I’ve been given the gift to recognize the difference between such challenges now because instead of sinking into self pity when I just know for a fact it’s the end – I FIGHT. In doing so I began to understand that the most difficult challenges represent opportunity and evidence that there is someone on the other side that cares enough to condition you to greatness. Your own personal ‘keeper’ per say.

That said, when things appear difficult and you think it’s the end, the black hole has no light and you might just sink into your own despair please don’t do it! Those very moments are a test of your being put in place to condition the spirit, body and mind. If you think about what separates the winners from the non-doers, you’ll notice that what most non-doers lack is vision. They can’t see far enough beyond their own circumstance to know that something incredible lies on the other side of whatever harsh reality that has set up camp in the present.

So what makes a winner and more importantly, which one are you?

-black girl.


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I love this post. I’m definitely a winner, even on those horrible days when insecurity rises and nothing works out, I can’t help but believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m meant for greater, so I’ll just have to cry if I need to, wipe my nears and get on.

Comment by LoloBloggs

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This post couldn’t have came at a better time! I just found out that I got kicked out of day school (I am in college) and I have to do night school for a year to get back it. I am definitely trying to see the positive in all of this and stay focused on my goal. I AM NOT A NON-DOER! I know if I put as much effort into myself as I do in others, I can be a WINNER! Thanks black girl for this post… I really needed an encouraging outlook.

Comment by Miss Thang!!!

You must have written this specifically to me…I’m new to reading blogs and even attempting to do so for many reasons. BUt this post came at a time today where I felt like nothing was going right and felt like my world was closing in on me. I am that girl “that sits quietly in the room”…when s*** doesn’t seem like it will ever pan out. But you have inspired to finally get out the room and focus on the key that I know I hold to get out of it…thank you!!

Comment by lee

I like to think I’m not a quitter. I feel like I could’ve died at birth but since my life was spared that there pretty is no problem I can’t overcome. Winners may lose battles but they always win the war.

Comment by NotForTheFaintOfHeart

Perfectly said, timed and placed!
Thank you…

Comment by ConservativeElegance

This is my 1st time reading your blog & Your words really touched me & made me reflect on my own life. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Joy

Well, very inspirational. It’s so true, winners are losers who just never give up.

Comment by Amethyst

Hey BG…I am getting caught up with your June posts. This was excellent…as your writing always is. I’m in what feels like a black hole right now as we speak but I am fighting my way through it and hoping to understand the lessons I am getting dring this precarious time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so inspirational. This is a testament to all of your readers to make sure that they live and enjoy life to the fullest so that when a bad day, or two, or more come around you can reflect on happier, content and more comforting times. Life is NOT supposed to be this hard to figure out. I trust all is well with you and I;m glad I decided to check for a new post. You NEVER disappoint. Have a BLESSED week and enjoy the upcoming holiday:)))

Comment by Sasha

I always tell my students that they are winners, and one day a kid said” why do you always say that Miss. There are some loosersin this room. Then he did the “L” thing on his forehead. I tell him that you are winners becasue you have me, “A winner” as a teacher. You couldn’t be luckier. I give winner speeches almost everyday. In the staff meeting, I go to the front of the room when other are trying to hide at the back, and I state before anyone can ask “Winners sit at the front of the room”. Or “A real winner knows that you cannot always pick your battles, but you must fight to win”. “and, No great thing was ever accomplished except someone tried and won!

Winners win ya’ll, thats what we(I) do!

Comment by Deesigner from Dallas

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