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Time to re-evaluate! Don’t get caught out there.
July 19, 2009, 1:30 am
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Lil Kim

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On Wednesday I took a break away from the office early to run a few errands. My first stop was the doctor’s office to pay for copies of my own records (SMH). I didn’t put up a fight when she hit me with the $35 bucks because I was convinced I’d made the right decision to switch anyway. Primary note to self: Any dental office that employs a receptionist with horribly stained and crooked chomps probably isn’t as reputable as they claim, even if they are in Buckhead. Like really, what the hell? It didn’t add up which is why I ultimately took my ish and ran.

While fumbling through my bag for a wallet at the front desk, a woman sitting in the chair was chatting with another patient while waiting to be seen. All of a sudden she comments, “You have such nice legs!” my natural response was, “thank you!” Wondering in the back of my mind if she was just being nice or actually hitting on me. There was this look in here eye that I couldn’t quite interpret. Nevertheless, I was flattered but instantly reminded of something while I was dropping the money on the counter. My lovely legs may just have to find another mode of workout since I’m probably gonna get rid of my gym membership among other things.

Just the night before I was squabbling to Jules about money (and men), trying to think of ways I can make what I currently have work a little better for me. I’m not down and out financially but the way things are looking with the economy as a whole, I don’t want to be one of the ones that suffers for getting too caught up in consumer spending. That kinda stuff puts you in a position that nobody wants to be in, so I think its always good to re-evaluate your finances to see where you could cut back until things look a little more stable.

My bright idea to ditch the $40 monthly gym membership and redirect the cash to 401K is only one action toward the cause. I’m sure there’s more (or less) I could probably be doing to make my nest-egg fatter. I’m not going to lie though, I’m spoiled and I like what I want when I want it! So the fact that I can’t go to the gym and workout may crab me out initially even though I’m willing to make the sacrifice if it means living below my means. A sensible mind would say, “Black Girl, no big deal. Why don’t you just run up and down Peachtree like all of the other fanatics?” Well what if I start running and just keep going and never come back? Seriously though. I know what running does to your knees/feet and I’m all about preserving the only sets that I have.

I spoke to a couple of girlfriends about my mission and they’ve agreed to give something up too. Elaina will put next month’s breast enhancement on hold. So now (and by the grace of God) she will not look like lil Kim come Christmas. I personally don’t think she wanted to drop that kind of money on boobs anyway because she wasn’t that hard to talk out of it. Jada committed to doing her own manicures for the next six months. Whether or not Karlin will give up her expensive wines still remains a mystery because I swear every time I go to her house she’s always warm and bubbly, lol. I’m extending the challenge for others to do the same so all of my other homies who are reading this get ready! I’ll be calling you this weekend.

So my questions to you is this. Have you checked up on your financial health lately? Are there things you’re probably blowing your money on that you could do without for a short or longer period of time? Whether you’re rich, broke, with a job or without, now is the time to re-evaluate your finances and cut back where you can. Even if it’s setting $5 aside in a jar twice a week, we cannot allow ourselves to be put in the vulnerable position of being caught out there for focusing on the wrong things.

-black girl.


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how ironic u wrote this cause i realized that i have to do better..i spend money on groceries..i never want my kids to be hungry and always keep the cupboards full but i decided to go back to clipping coupons and guess what? i saved $53.21 at Kroger on friday!thanks black girl for thinking of us too!

Comment by memered

great words.

i think i should cut back some on buying fabric. :-/ i mean, it’s necessary for what i do but gets outta hand when i’ve got mounds and mounds of it that i have yet to use and am constantly buying new pieces. i’m an addict.

i think i’m pretty good with this overall, though. although, i do intend to get in to habit of setting cash money aside in a jar or something.

Comment by flytie

This is so crazy because I stay trying to find ways to save money and cut back. I think I may downgrade my home phone (yes, I have a landline! lol) and internet. I’m paying WAY too much for that ish! Damn you, AT&T! Damn you! I hope everything works out for you and your girls! Now’s definitely not the time to splurge excessively.

Comment by Alisha

I re-evaluated where my money was going several months ago. I have since turned off my home phone and opted for a line that you plug into your computer. It cost $20 to purchase the jack, which is a one time cost, and then $20 each year to renew your service. So I am actually saving over $50 per month by turning off my land line. I have also removed one of me and hubbies two credit cards and have paid it off and saved us a ridiculous amout of interest. W e have also managed to drop our electric bill by about $60 per month by simply unplugging the Playstation 3 and unplugging the computer, those two alone consume so much energy it in not even funny.

Comment by Natural_Oasis

BG I am so laser focused on this savings goal that I have 3, yes 3 jobs now! I can’t let the economy slow things down and saving for the future is not an option but a must. A friend of mine was able to save $25K in three years and I would definitely like to do the same, or even more! Great post and wonderful food for thought. Keep speaking abundance and prepare for the harvest. Much light and love!!

Comment by Sasha

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