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WTF? Don’t they make cute babies anymore?
July 22, 2009, 5:27 am
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When a little girl turns one year old, what does she typically want?   Usually a baby doll right?  And that’s exactly what we planned to do over the weekend…head to the toy store to select a perfect, beautiful baby doll for my cousin Sophi’s first birthday.

So we head into the toy store charging straight toward everything girly, but upon reaching the isle I was mortified by the hundreds of UGLY a$$ baby dolls (like the one above) staring right at me!   The first thing I thought to myself was, “What the!?” followed by the second thought of, “Who wants to play with creepy dolls with crazy looking eyes?”   No wonder little girls are more interested in Gucci, music videos, boys and mani/pedi’s.    Who wants to pretend that something so ugly is your own pretend baby?  I just don’t remember baby dolls being this horrific when I was growing up so I had to post this, lol.   And if they were, the things I got into as a kid suddenly make a lot more sense.

Sophie got a Teddy Bear instead.

-black girl.

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LMAO that doll right there would give kids nightmares

Comment by jasmine

I feel your pain but whenever I can’t find what I’m looking for in the store I always turn to google. I have found a really pretty black doll baby for under $20m I have attached the link below. It is only right that every little girl gets to play little mama, for play-[aly, lol!

Comment by Natural_Oasis

lol! yeah, they are a mess.

Comment by flytie*

Comment by Jazsmine

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