Black Girl In The City.

the power of perspective.
September 4, 2009, 2:28 am
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Music: Jay-Z // History

Things are finally somewhat back to  normal.   I say somewhat because so much has changed within my life and within me.   The world just looks different if that makes any kind of sense at all.    Boy I tell you.  There is so much power in perspective, and I love how life’s lessons have a way of showing up in the most peculiar and unexpected places just so that we may know how to look at things a bit differently.

-black girl.


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I feel the same way. My focus has completely shifted in the last few weeks. I looked up from my work the other day and just said,” Thank you God that I’m not in that place anymore.”

Comment by Deesigner from Dallas

Glad to hear I am not alone! Right.

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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