Black Girl In The City.

…bye bye summer.
September 14, 2009, 3:25 am
Filed under: Chapter Next, Reflections of a Black Girl

DSC00135My very last serene view of yet another summer.

Music: August Day Song // Bebel Gilberto

I always laugh with my friends about the irony of life. In how it so easy to live as if things will never change, and that everything you see, do and hear will be the same as you see, hear and do even a week from now. We all assume it to be dangerously so, and in turn we subject ourselves to the harsh blows that life is notorious for throwing. To no fault of our own because it’s just how some folks live. But if only more of us could learn the importance of living for each individual day, loving and taking care of everything in it with sincerity and intent…with purpose in the moment, I think one’s quality of life would be that much more enjoyable without any external changes needed. Going through the motions and expecting that the future will be exactly as we planned is a risky habit that I admit to having succumb to at times. But in all of it I’ve learned an important fact: we all deserve to live and live well. And that includes cherishing the present day.

Waving goodbye to the end of summer while wading in the warm waters of the Mexican Gulf gave me exactly what I needed. An opportunity to come clean with myself, all the shit that had happened over the past few months, and to really wrap my mind around some important points. Revise my values. Reorganize my principals, priorities and beliefs. To wash away the bad and keep the good. I can’t say I did much writing while there, but the time was well spent doing all that I needed to do to usher out the summer and get on with a day that’s new. Besides, I had to get myself back to this here city to get on with my get on. Now more then ever there’s mad work to do

Live vivaciously.

-black girl.


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I feel you. I said goodbye to summer the end of August when I started school. The grind is intense and I hope not to burn out. Our work will be worth it tho.

Comment by NotForTheFaintOfHeart

I have not taken a vaca as yet, but I missed ya BlackGirl, glad to have you back!!

Comment by Nicolette

very refreshing sentiments.

Comment by fly tie

very real & inspiring. perfect song to match the mood/thought process.


Comment by shellyNICs

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