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“Fake?” Housewives of Atlanta
September 15, 2009, 5:14 am
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I hope this is the last season because The Real Housewives in Atlanta appears to be becoming an embarrassing circus fest with the exception of Candy! Lol  Besides, how many more clothing lines can you launch in this town?! Sad to say but this is exactly how a lot of the theatrics play out in Entertainment based social circles in Atlanta. Gossip, wig grabbing, bitchy backbiting, and senseless dinners conjured up for the sole purpose of either fueling the drama or generating more. While I don’t think the show is a good representation of the women here, I am sad to admit that what you see is pretty much what you get in the “A”. What do you think? Do you feel that these ladies represent a true mix of the women in Atlanta? If you can identify with at least one of them and you live here, then maybe they’re not so “fake” after all.

-black girl.

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I agree! These women are fighting with each other more, everyone has a fashion line or think they can sing. What about teaching young ladies how to grow up and become independent? Learn to get along with one another and not become an embarrassement to the whole wide world. The only Housewives with Black Ladies and there is nothing but bickering, talking behind each others back, and drama, drama, drama! I understand it helps the ratings but seriously….ugh!!

Comment by Nicolette


Comment by Blksabre

I do love the drama. When I come home from a long work week, thursday, i sit back and enjoy the nonsense without having to think much about it. it does give me a good laugh. socialite-i love this term, these ladies think they are socialites and if they are Atlanta is really a hot mess. lol.

Comment by BabyBear

Yes, I have alot to say about this show. See one of my post at which includes weekly recaps

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I love the show because its just for laughs at the end of the day and as someone who lived in the “A” for a couple of years, that show represents many of the women who live there; gold diggers, chasing fame, no bobies wanting to be somebody by the men they fuck! Atlanta is filled with so many celebs and women move there all the time in hopes that they too can hit the jack pot or jack pocket! lol….. A book called “Lost in Atlanta” is so true on so many levels! Read it!

Comment by Enigma

With all fairness, it’s not called “the fair representation of black women in Atlanta”. Anyone who knows about the franchise of real housewives from new York to orange county, knows what the premise is. Wealth, glitz, and drama. In that sense, yes, it’s right on the money! I like all the characters for what they bring. It’s entertainment. All reality shows have staged drama. If not it would be boring. Just my opinion.

Comment by Christina

This Is Staged all Fake. Dont believe everything reality stars do because half of them is corny anyway

Comment by Secure Wep Key

OMG, I take this show for the entertainment that it is. I just don’t buy into the thinking that what a certain group of people do as their jobs have bearing on my real life (or anyone else’s for that matter). Anyone with a pulse knows that these “reality” shows are scripted and these ladies are actors. Maybe they will get an acting break and perform in a “real” movie, such as uuh, maybe “Monster’s Ball”, and win an Oscar.

Comment by Diamon

I [AGREE] the real housewives of Atlanta do seem a little fake && they ARE NOT a good representation of african american woman or all women for that matter….they claim to be these successfull, classy woman but dont act as such! && I believe the producers of this show create the drama that takes place && I watch it solely for entertainment.

Comment by lovelo

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