Black Girl In The City.

Guess Who’s Got A New Home?
March 19, 2010, 12:49 am
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Me! 🙂

{Many thanks to each and every person I’ve connected with through this blog.  Our discussions, bitch sessions, and  your open willingness to follow and contribute  to my everyday thoughts has been the fuel that’s kept me writing.  You are my inspiration.  Thank you.  -bg.}

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I haven’t been by in a while, but I missed ya’ girl! Like you I had to gather my gather and move around. I’m expecting my first child and trying to be happy while all the time fighting the feeling that I avoided becoming a statistic til’ age 30. Baby daddy say he don’t want it, but he locked up now so it don’t matter, and yet somehow I’m still smiling. Later on BG!

Comment by Deesigner from Dallas

so is this where you gonna be writing from now on?

Comment by NotForTheFaintOfHeart

Yay for you!!! I’m going to change your link on my blog. Link me, too, if you don’t mind!

Comment by Alisha

this is NOT a signoff. if so, we ALL deserve more than that. E-FF-ORT…EFFORT…EFFORT!

Comment by nystrom

Cnt wait for the next post every now n again I check in on u.i love ur blog its so inspiring! X

Comment by Marie

Your Blog Is KoolNeSS CITY!!! Your fellow Black GIRL>>>> NYC

Comment by Shatema

How are you doing..?
A couple of months ago I came across your blog. And the minute I looked on your blog to see what it kind of was, I realized that your blog is everything that I also have in my head. I have this second kind of character and I call her Panisha(she is like what Sacha is for Beyoncé lol) and I just thought wow this blog is made for Panisha lol. But than I lost your blog and didn’t remember the name of it until today 🙂 I found you and I will remain to come on your blog to read your stuff. They are inspirational 😉
Thank you very much. Keep up doing your thing.

Love and Peace,


Comment by Patricia

No! This is not a sign off! Just an upgrade 🙂 Wanted to try something new ya meen? Thanks for the love as always ya’ll —> is where I’ll be writing from now on. Meet me there!

Comment by blackgirlinthecity

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