Black Girl In The City.

Basic $Hit.

| The Basic $hit Every Black Girl Should Know |

some of my personal fundamentals.

1. “Let your actions plead your case and carry your weight.”

Sometimes it’s just best to STFU, show and prove.

2. “Walking away doesn’t mean that you’re a quitter, it means that you are intelligent enough to know when to quit.”

3. “As hard as it may be, try to remain open in spite of.”

Being held captive by your past means that the very person(s) associated with it still have control over your life.

4. “Stay Fresh.”

Sorry to break it to ya but if you look like shit, people will treat you like shit. If you look like a million bucks, you’ll become a million bucks a million times faster.

5. “Take care of yourself so that you can be what you should be to everyone else.”

Strive to have complete and total balance in your life.

6. “Sometimes the content of your character really does come before the color of your skin.”

Give people that are not like you the benefit of the doubt. It can take you to heights you could have ever imagined.

7. “It really isn’t all about you.”

Learn to step outside of any situation to understand the truth in it all.

8. “Play your position and don’t try to assume another one.”

It’s your position for a reason. Be the best at your own game and the endorsements, trades and groupies will come on their own.

9. “Relax and take notes.”

Despite what you think you know, everyone you come in contact with has something to teach you.

10. “Give people the benefit of the doubt.”

Assume the upside until they prove otherwise. Makes your life 10 times easier.

11. “Dramatic behavior is never cute so don’t do it.”

Regardless of all of the good things you’ve done, that one bitch ass moment is what people will remember and hold on to, forever making you look like an ass.

12. “Understand and accept the flaw of humanity.”

Be careful of imposing high expectations on other people. Humans are flawed, and expecting or demanding too much will only create friction and discomfort in the relationships you value most.

13. “Feel and feel often.”

Empathy is different than sympathy and is 100 times harder to do but I promise, it’ll make you a better person and the people around you will truly love you for it.”

14. “Happiness is a habit. Do it.”

15. “Talk to yourself everyday.”

Forget what they say, sometimes you have to tell yourself the things you need to hear and not wait for anyone else to do it for you. Everyone needs life spoken into them. If you’re not hearing it, tell your damn self.

16. “It’s ok to turn off your cell phone if it means being readily available to yourself.”

17. “The best cure for a dampened spirit is to do something for someone else.”

18. “Stop fucking around and work your plan. Tomorrow never comes.”

10. “Give people a chance.”

How many times have you percieved a person to be one way before eventually learning they were the exact opposite after getting to know them? Who wants to keep strolling past their blessings assumed to be bogus?

11. “Keep your heart healthy. It’s the only one you’ve got.”

12. “Get Your iPod Game Up.”

As a wise friend would say, It can change your life.

13. “Find a reason to crack the hell up every single day.”

Even if it means blind tripping your co-worker or chopping it up with your funniest friend…laugh and go HARD with it.

14. “Cherish your friends and invest in them wholeheartedly.”

We all know that people come and go, but true friends stay around forever. Anything that’s forever is worth the investment of yourself.

15. “Stay ready.”

Lack of preparation dumps any chance for opportunity.

16. “A strong body is a strong mind, just as a strong mind is a strong body.”

Having both is so damn sexy.

17. “If it doesn’t make sense walk.”

Your intuition is just that. Sometimes it’s not meant for us to haggle our brains to figure stuff out. Eff it and keep your stride.

18. “Lip gloss and a cocktail dress can make all the difference.”

19. “Look people in the eyes and genuinely smile when you see them.”

Whether they let you know or not, it totally makes their day.

20. “Grace must always superseded attitude.”


Nuff said.


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hey these are great 🙂
mind if i post them on my blog?

Comment by Janay W.

Love this!!!

Comment by LadyLa

Love it…

A guy told me this and I was like, “excuse me!” Guess what, it’s sure the truth. I tried it.

1. “Let your actions plead your case and carry your weight.”
Sometimes it’s just best to STFU, show and prove.

I love the sight and if it’s ok with you I’d like to print these bullets and post them on poles…lol

Comment by Simplicity

Ain’t that the truth, ruth!!!

Comment by ...Ana

BG – you are too cool to me… im not exactly a “BG” myself, im a “brown” girl -pakistani to be exact – but I love your world and your words, you make a whole lotta sense to me girly…

Comment by lostinwonderland

Love your site, beauty!

Comment by alicia

Love it. First time to the site but I’m sure I’ll be back…

Comment by Lovy

Came across this site sort of haphazardly and bookmarked it immediately! Love what you have to say 🙂

Comment by Indifferent

wow….I can def take these rules to heart…makes me want to post them on my blog and cite you for the inspiration (of course)….but I won’t till I may have your permission if granted. 🙂 stay blessed and highly favored!

Comment by Brittany Ashley

Speak the truth! I really like this! Can I use this for my blog?

Comment by JuJu


Comment by sai81

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