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“Fake?” Housewives of Atlanta
September 15, 2009, 5:14 am
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I hope this is the last season because The Real Housewives in Atlanta appears to be becoming an embarrassing circus fest with the exception of Candy! Lol  Besides, how many more clothing lines can you launch in this town?! Sad to say but this is exactly how a lot of the theatrics play out in Entertainment based social circles in Atlanta. Gossip, wig grabbing, bitchy backbiting, and senseless dinners conjured up for the sole purpose of either fueling the drama or generating more. While I don’t think the show is a good representation of the women here, I am sad to admit that what you see is pretty much what you get in the “A”. What do you think? Do you feel that these ladies represent a true mix of the women in Atlanta? If you can identify with at least one of them and you live here, then maybe they’re not so “fake” after all.

-black girl.

shawty got giffs!
April 1, 2009, 10:52 am
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–>caution – this is a UGK classic – explicit lyrics are a given so play at your own risk!

I’m such a trash reality junkie and admit that I have this crazy, weird thing for
Ray-J’s VH-1 Show. Part of it reminds me of the high-school days, when all of the girls gobbled and fluttered their feathers for the same cock. Senseless BS if you ask me, then again my mindset wasn’t quite high school back then lol. But you get you point…TV imitates life or whatever – it’s entertaining business indeed.

Unlike some other clown coon reality dating shows I’ve seen, the drama is a little bit more live wired on Ray-J’s show. Like…chicks are buggin out for real for real, lol. Maybe they feel there’s something beneficial for the one who wins the heart of the ‘Prize’ (if that’s your kinda thing), and its getting kinda crazy now that he’s down to the last three. Emotions are live wired and I think it really captures a lot about how frikin crazy women can be and how men interpret our actions.

I find devious comfort watching the drama unfold and talking trash to the tube as I remind myself to never. Ever, ever, ever, ever….appear on ANYONE’S. Reality TV Show. I doubt I’d be dropping splits (shawty got giffs!) or manipulating my opponents so they eliminate themselves, but I’m certain one of my Juggernaut moves would forever label me as that chick that could and didn’t give a damn. I’d rather not risk embarrassing those closest to me because I got drunk and decided it would be cool to hang upside from someones stripper pole (on national TV).

But I just wanna know one thing…LOL

Have you been watching the show? Who do you think will be eliminated next week?

-black girl.